How Many Weapons Have the West and the US Sent to Ukraine?

NEW – April 24, 2022

The Pentagon said that every day 10 planes with weapons for Ukraine land in Poland. And from there there is a flow of ground transport.

Don’t you think that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reacts too calmly (or rather in no way) to these deliveries? Actually, even the Pentagon is somewhat shocked that no one is stopping them from delivering huge masses of weapons and fuel to Ukraine.

Transfer from the Czech Republic to Ukraine of 2S1 “Gvozdika” 122-mm self-propelled gun

Here is a list of what is officially confirmed by the sending party (it would be interesting to collect all this into a list by weapon class)…

Washington’s latest military aid package to Kiev includes more than 700 “Switchblade” projectiles, 90 howitzers and 16 Mi-17 helicopters.

The ministry stated that the total amount of military assistance allocated by the United States for this country from February 24 is estimated at $3.4 billion, and from January 2021 — at $4 billion.

It includes more than 2,200 “Stinger” man-portable air defence systems, more than 5,500 “Javelin” anti-tank missile systems, and more than 14,000 “other anti-tank systems”.

Among these weapons are also 90 units of 155-millimetre howitzers, 183,000 shells, 72 vehicles for towing these guns. In addition, the list includes 200 armoured personnel carriers, 121 “Phoenix Ghost” tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, more than 7,000 small arms, more than 50 million pieces of ammunition, 75,000 sets of body armour and helmets, missile systems with a laser guidance system, radar stations to combat artillery, drones and mortars.

In addition, this assistance includes the provision of “Puma” drones, M18A1 “Claymore” anti-personnel mines, night vision systems and various means of communication.

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According to the Pentagon, all 155-mm howitzers supplied to Ukraine will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to form five artillery divisions.

The Netherlands sent 400 rocket-propelled grenades, 500 “Stinger” missiles and 1,000 anti-tank weapons from its own reserves to Ukraine. They also sent a military transport plane with a cargo of military aid in the form of 50 “Panzerfaust” 3 anti-tank grenade launchers with 400 grenades, 200 “Stinger” portable air defence systems, 100 sniper rifles and 30,000 ammunition to them.

The Czech Republic sent military aid to the Ukrainian side (submachine guns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and related ammunition) in the amount of 188 million kronor (about $8.6 million). Earlier, the Czech Republic donated 4,000 152 mm artillery shells to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Poland handed over a military aid convoy to Ukraine. The first package consisted of 100 pieces of 60-mm mortars and 1,500 pieces of ammunition for them, 8 sets of unmanned aerial vehicles, 152-mm cumulative ammunition and ammunition for automatic guns, as well as helmets.

Denmark’s Defense Ministry has allocated 2,700 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said that on March 4, a batch of offensive weapons in the form of 1,370 grenade launchers, 700,000 rounds of ammunition for rifles and machine guns, as well as light machine guns was delivered to a point on the border of Poland with Ukraine on two military transport planes.

The Minister of National Defense of Canada Anita Anand said that Ukraine will be given 4,500 M-72 anti-tank grenade launchers and about 7,500 hand grenades, and allocated $790,000 for the purchase of high-precision satellite images.

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Italy handed over machine guns and anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, noting that “European countries also send ammunition, night vision goggles and machine guns, and Italy — two different models.” Italy and Germany have sent a modern version of the “Panzerfaust” anti-tank grenade launchers to Ukraine.

Germany supplied Ukraine with 1,500 “Strela” man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, 100 MG3 machine guns, 8 million rounds of ammunition for pistols, as well as 350,000 food rations, 50 medical vehicles and medical materials.

The British side handed over another 6,000 weapons to Ukraine, including anti-tank missiles, in addition to the previously sent more than 4,000 “Javelin” and NLAW anti-tank missile systems.

Transportation of the S-300 division from Slovakia

The Czech Republic has supplied Ukraine with up to 40 T-72 tanks and BMP-1 armoured vehicles, including RM-70 “Vampire” multiple launch rocket systems and “DANA” self-propelled guns (“Zuzana” modifications).

Slovakia has supplied Ukraine with S-300 systems and 16 “DANA” artillery units (“Zuzana” modifications).

Australia transfered 20 Bushmaster armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine.

Poland handed over to Ukraine at least 100 units of T-72M tanks, 20 units of BM 21 Grad MLRS, the same number of 2S1 “Gozdzik” self-propelled howitzers and an unspecified number of BWP-1s.

The Netherlands handed over to Ukraine its existing German PzH 2000 self-propelled guns.

Norway handed over 100 “Mistral” MANPADS to Ukraine.

Slovenia will give Ukraine 54 of its M-84 tanks (the Yugoslav version of the T-72)

Emmanuel Macron said that France will supply Ukraine with 12 “CAESAR” self-propelled guns and Belgium will transfer 5,000 FN FNC assault rifles, 200 anti-tank weapons and 3,800 tons of fuel to Ukraine.

And Slovakia is 80% dependent on Russian gas

Multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) are supplied to Ukraine by the United States and other NATO allies, Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of European Truth on Friday, April 22.

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“I want to clarify that the latest package of assistance to Ukraine already includes multiple launch rocket systems, as well as artillery. We use the term shopping list, that is, a list of desired purchases provided to us by the Ukrainian military and President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. At every stage, we try to adapt our assistance to the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), “ she said.

“And we provide it. Just like MLRS systems. We already supply them. And not just us. We are working with our NATO allies to ensure that Ukraine gets more jet systems. There are also several NATO countries that supply Ukraine with spare parts for aircraft, so that the country can put more vehicles on combat duty than a week ago. This is a direct result of the help of allies,” the US Deputy Secretary of State explained.

Ukraine’s request for the supply of MLRS was one of the key ones to the allies that supply the country with weapons.

P.S. In the United States, an information scandal broke out around military assistance to Ukraine. The reason is the possible sale of weapons to “third parties” by Ukrainian officials and functionaries.

If MANPADS fall into the hands of terrorists, then the entire international aviation will be “covered”, and the number of terrorist attacks and murders will also increase. Many call it the “pandora’s box” that the West has “opened”.


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