How Poroshenko Stole and Exported $8 Billion from Ukraine

On August 17th it became known that, according to US citizen Sam Kislin, the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko earned $8 billion from fraudulent schemes and managed to take it abroad. The publication decided to find out how this amount left the country.

Sam Kislin, an American billionaire of Ukrainian origin and economic adviser to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, said that Petro Poroshenko withdrew at least $8 billion from the country during his tenure as President of Ukraine. He reported this in an interview with the “Strana” agency.

Poroshenko’s capital, which he promised to give to a blind trust in 2014, at the time of his cadence became the main point of criticism voiced by political opponents and the main irritant of the constantly impoverished Ukrainian population. Thus, according to the declarations, in 2018 alone the former president became 82-fold richer.

“Poroshenko alone withdrew at least $8 billion from Ukraine during his presidency. From what I know alone, from $700-800 million was withdrawn through the state company ‘Centrenergo’,” said Kislin.

At the same time, the billionaire assured that he and other “abandoned” investors intend to return this money. However, in his opinion, they will be able to in fact return only some of the amount – about $5 billion.

“And the state of Ukraine will return it via the decision of the courts – from the budget. I.e., every taxpayer. That’s why I accused Poroshenko of genocide of the Ukrainian people. But, I hope that Poroshenko will answer for everything – property and money,” said the businessman. spoke to experts about how Poroshenko was able to “earn” $8 billion, and how he was able to get it out of the country.

Poroshenko is Yanukovych’s successor

Former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, in an interview with the publication, gave the same figure of $8 billion a week before Kislin did. He calculates that Poroshenko only has $8 billion in highly liquid securities. At the same time, according to the politician, the amount that Poroshenko was able to “earn” during the years of his presidency is much more. He told us how the former Ukrainian president was able to get those billions.

“Poroshenko’s profit went through several stages. Once he became president, he ‘hugged’ all the oligarchs. In return for ‘voluntary’ contributions, he guaranteed them that their business would be fine and no criminal proceedings would be brought against them.

The second stage is the building of various schemes. For example, the ‘Kurchenko scheme’ is the import into Ukraine of petroleum products off the books, which are not subject to excise, customs duties, VAT. In this, Poroshenko became Yanukovych’s successor.

The Rotterdam+ scheme. Everyone knows about it, so I won’t expand. With Akhmetov, they earned a billion dollars each.

Poroshenko controlled and cashed in the country, as well as nuclear fuel schemes. This is generally the business of all Ukrainian presidents – the production and shipment of nuclear fuel. There was only difficulty concerning withdrawing money from Energoatom,” said Tsarev, giving examples.

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Control over the banking sphere helped Poroshenko earn money too.

“It is clear that money was made on games with the exchange rate of the dollar, which was handled by the National Bank headed by Gontareva, but they were made on the bankruptcy of banks. The National Bank bankrupt commercial banks and sold the assets of commercial enterprises in them allegedly for a penny. In fact, the difference between real value and commercial value fell into Poroshenko and Gontareva’s pockets. Look at how many banks Gontareva bankrupted. The main reason is the desire of the National Bank to put its paws on the assets of banks. It ‘s about billions of dollars.

He received large kickbacks through Gontarev for refinancing banks. For example, Kolomoisky regularly paid Poroshenko 25% for refinancing ‘Privatbank‘. He became angry at Poroshenko because ‘Privatbank was nationalised, but he still regularly paid.

By the way, refinancing ‘Privatbank’ was very expensive for Ukraine. All the aid from the IMF was sent there, and then it was taken away via shadow schemes,” said Tsarev.

Poroshenko also didn’t mind robbing the multi-billion American aid to Ukraine. Here he worked through Yaresko. Moreover, Poroshenko was robbing the aid with the help of the Democrats. This aspect is extremely interesting to Trump’s team. Trust me. There were a lot of “respected” people from the Obama and Clinton team.

“It is known about plundering $3 billion. Giuliani is here to investigate all of this and he sent Sam to Ukraine. Under American law, those who found the stolen American money are entitled to 10% of the total sum,” reports Tsarev. “Giuliani and Kislin’s law firm can completely legally earn $300,000,000 dollars if the stolen sum is $3 billion. I want to note that Sam Kislin has also personal scores to settle with Poroshenko. Poroshenko banned Kislin from entering Ukraine. Kislin learned about this when he landed at Boryspol. He, already being not a young man, was obliged to spend a night in storage and could leave only in the morning. Let’s agree, for a respectful and not the bottom person in the Republican party, it was very humiliating.”

According to him, Poroshenko withdrew money from Ukraine through either offshores or hard cash was taken out by diplomatic mail.

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“Hired charters were employed – they took away Poroshenko’s hard cash under the guise of a diplomatic mail, since the president of the country of Poroshenko could afford it. It can’t be examined, but it can be weighed. Knowing that the freight consists of dollars, it is possible to determine the sum by its weight. So the Americans know how much Poroshenko took away. They also know the offshore accounts where the money was deposited.

There are firms that provide special containers — a bank storage where all your hard cash is then stored under protection,” said Tsarev, sharing his information.

Don’t forget about smuggling and drug trafficking. The authorities in Ukraine changed, the presidents changed, but smuggling brought in a year no less than $1 billion, but no more than $3 billion. And, it is under-the-table cash. Ready cash money, not declared anywhere. Concerning drug trafficking, Plahotniuc was accused of organising the transit of drugs to Europe. Think about what country neighbouring Moldova drugs could come from to Moldova. And which president Plahotniuc had friendly relations with?”

According to Tsarev, Poroshenko actually sold his assets in Ukraine except the media – “Pryamoy” and “Channel 5” – and also “Roshen“.

Poroshenko made money even from amber

Poroshenko’s former associate, the former deputy Aleksandr Onishchenko, who left Ukraine in the past, like Tsarev, was at one time a person very trusted by the former Ukrainian president. He thinks the $8 billion is real.

“Poroshenko, using his official position, earned from everything that could only generate income. These are foreign purchases at the highest possible prices, and the Rotterdam+ scheme, from which he together with Akhmetov received about 18 billion hryvnia (it is somewhere around a $1 billion).

He also received income from state-owned enterprises. When ministers were placed in various ministries, they were accompanied by supervisors who controlled the cash flows, including from state-owned enterprises.

Poroshenko also controlled the amber business. He had his own people there.

All deliveries of coal and other goods from Donetsk and Lugansk that were made before the blockade were also controlled by him.

Various schemes involved his factories making money from the war.

The National Bank, led by Gontareva, made money playing on the exchange rates. Government bonds were issued, which were purchased by front firms, and then they were paid interest by the state – somewhere 10%,” says Onishchenko.

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Poroshenko’s money was withdrawn from Ukraine both in cash and through offshore companies.

“Cash was taken away through money launderers. Here, in Ukraine, money is transferred, which for a certain percentage is transferred in another country. Concerning the withdrawal of money through offshores, Poroshenko had a whole group working under Pasenyuk, who was sitting in London. Along with Gontareva.”

Poroshenko’s future

One of the middle-hand Ukrainian oligarchs interviewed suggested to, under the condition of anonymity, that there was a possibility that a prison cell awaits Poroshenko for all his abuses. In any case, the fate of the former president in any outcome is sad – either prison or shameful exile.

“Him being eventually forced to leave the country is a fact. But whether he will be jailed is difficult to say. This is where the Americans will decide. But, after all, they can tell him, ‘Mr. Poroshenko, yes, we promised you support and we supported you, but we ordered you to carry out reforms, not to steal.’ Therefore, under the weight of the proven facts, they can wash their hands and not defend Poroshenko when he is imprisoned,” assures our interlocutor.

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