How Putin’s “Cartoons” Have Become “a Threat to the World”

Every enlightened person knows that “America is above all”, sorry, “America is great again”, and in general it is always the first in everything and there can never be anything anywhere that is equal to it. Anyone who doubts this is a Putinist and a stupid vatnik.

It is up to the US to determine who will live (or not live) and how, who will breathe (or not breathe), who will rule or die. Dissenters can expect lessons in democracy through carpet bombing. The recalcitrant will suffer the fate of Milosevic, Saddam, or Gaddafi, because disagreeing with the west and showing disobedience to its commands are the most dangerous threat to the progressive world community.

Since Gorbachev signed the act of shameful surrender of the USSR to the west in Malta in December 1989, all progressive humanity has breathed a great sigh of relief, because the cold war was declared over, and the shining City on the Hill was declared the winner of this war. The inhabitants of this City started to be fully convinced that Russia is a grey mouse that has been driven under a broom, and it is supposed to sit quietly there in the hope that the peaceful and humane west will not drive it away further.

However, as always happened with the west and Russia, something went wrong.

At first, Primakov did a u-turn over the ocean, refusing to participate in the legalisation of the infamous bombing of Yugoslavia, then the Kursk nuclear ship under the command of Gennady Lyachin managed to pass unnoticed not only the Faroese-Icelandic anti-submarine line, but also (which is absolutely unthinkable!) undetected for the entire NATO to appear in the Mediterranean Sea in the middle of American aircraft carrier groups that bombed the civilian Serbian population with impunity, and make them doubt their impunity. For this, Gennady Lyachin was declared an enemy of America and its naval intelligence.

Then Russian paratroopers jumped out from under the American broom and marched to Pristina.

It would seem that the west should have been wary and thought about the reliability of its broom. However, it continued to be in the complacent relaxation of a cold war winner.

The bright-faced uncles and aunts who wrote the constitution, privatisation programs, and other legislation for Russia, who introduced their agents into all the power echelons, affectionately surrounded it with their military bases and biological laboratories, overthrew non-Russophobic leaders in the republics of the former USSR, and were fully confident that the fifth column marches they paid for would make Russia obedient again.

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Even the coming to power of the foreign intelligence colonel Putin did not put them on guard: “well, what can he do against our omnipotence?!”

When Putin in 2007 uttered his blasphemous words in Munich about the fact that Russia, it turns out, may have some interests of its own, the kind-faced public frankly hinted that Russia’s roof had blown away [i.e., Russia had lost its mind – ed].

In August 2008, as a peace-loving Olympic gesture, a Georgian roofer was sent to Russia and its peacekeepers to fix the roof that blew away, but the Russian roof remained in place, and the roofer’s started leak.

With panicked cries of “the Russians are coming!”, he quickly took cover from the bombs under the body armour of the guard and then took a snack from this life-saving marathon with his tie.

However, even here the kind-faced and great west continued to remain in its complacent triumph, watching with popcorn the intoxicating spectacle of how Serdyukov [also known as “Tabouretkin”, due to his former job in a furniture store – ed] is destroying the Russian army, so that at the end of this fascinating series to make an instant unpunished pre-emptive strike.

In the process of eating tabouret-operetta popcorn, the west suddenly discovered polite green men in Crimea, and watched with helpless horror the process of Crimea sailing to its native harbour.

Startled, the west immediately did Boeing, sanctions, and the bombing of Donbass, being unshakeably confident that Russia will come to the war declared on it, and the torn gas station country with a collapsed Tabouretkin army will immediately surrender to the mercy of the winner.

Russia did not come to the war, only mildly blew a “north wind” in the direction of the Maidanists, and they found themselves in the Izvarino and Debaltsevo cauldrons; in the direction of the invincible US Navy, who came to the Black Sea in the person of the destroyer “Donald Cook”, Russian “Sukhois” blew a cold northern “Khibiny” wind, causing mental and intestinal disorders in the proud, but vulnerable American sailors, who immediately rushed to doctors and psychoanalysts.

However, the confidence of the kind-faced west in the invincible power of its broom and its unparalleled sanctions continued to grow stronger.

Russia started to explicitly hint at the unacceptability of its “festival of disobedience”, at the inevitability of the fate of Saddam or Gaddafi for Putin, as well as the unacceptability of any kind of audacity for a losing country.

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As a result, the money of American taxpayers was squandered on all sorts of Navalnys, Sobols, Gudkovs, and Yashins, Europe suffered from the sanctions imposed on Russia and bucked more and more, not wanting to pay with their own losses for American wishes, and Russia, with all this, did not give a damn!

In Syria it launched “Kalibrs” at American-fed bearded democratic eaters of human hearts, then it prevented NATO ships from freely preparing for a peaceful attack on aggressive Russia, then it helped Venezuela trade oil in circumvention of American sanctions.

In general, Russia has come out from under any western subordination. Time for punishment. The west started to prepare such an exemplary punishment, so that no one else would want to behave like this.

The circle was shrinking, the degree of hysteria was escalating.

And then it happened on March 1st 2018, when Putin, in his usual disrespectful manner to the west, described a story about what surprises Russia will meet uninvited guests with.

All the kind-faced and handshakeable media outlets immediately called this show “Putin’s cartoons” that do not correspond to reality, and they started to giggle loudly and demonstratively over these “cartoons”. Because no hegemon can even imagine that a country that is a “rusty gas station”, “Upper Volta with missiles”, which was strangled by sanctions and driven under a broom, can brazenly fire hypersonic missiles from under this broom!

It’s unthinkable! It can’t be, because it can’t ever be! Where is Russia and where is the west?! How can Russia do what the west has not yet been able to do?! HOW?!!!

And on the quiet, the kind-faced masters of the world raised the alarm for all their intelligence and sent them to look into the situation: “How is it possible?! Who overlooked it? Where’s the money coming from?” And most importantly: “What do we risk because of it?”

Spies ran around, secret agents scurried about, experts pondered, the military stirred. The military-industrial complex perked up in anticipation of resources.

There were a lot of reports and dispatches, the essence of which was reduced to one thing: Yes, Russia is able. “Cartoons” fly, targets are hit.

And then the global hegemons were captured by genuine horror: after all, these targets could be OUR democratic missiles! After all, our valiant “Tomahawks” ingloriously barked at the Syrian coast!

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And the impudent Putin, grinning maliciously, also added: “The targets will not only be the launch points of these missiles, but also the points where such a launch decision was made!”

The ass of globalists, in which such solutions are born, immediately started to vibrate alarmingly and make involuntary sounds.

Once again, the military and strapping generals, admirals, scouts, and omniscient ones were called for report: “Where are our analogs?”

And they directed their eyes to the floor, hands behind their back, shoulders slumped: “We weren’t able…”

“The United States is lagging behind Russia in developing hypersonic weapons.” This was stated by US Defence Secretary Mark Esper during a speech in California.

“STOP THEM!!!” echoed throughout all the headquarters and corridors.

“BAN THEM!!!” sounded from all the high and low tribunes.

At the conference on disarmament in Geneva, the head of the UN, who has long been on the premises of globalists, spoke about the most decisive steps that should be taken by all relevant UN committees, as well as independent public organisations to combat “regional challenges in the field of nuclear security, as well as technical developments, including in the field of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and so-called hypersonic weapons, which can be used for attacks at unprecedented speeds”.

The United Kingdom, together with the United States, intends to demand from the UN a complete ban on the use of hypersonic weapons. So the US and NATO countries will strive by hook or by crook to achieve a legislative ban on hypersonic weapons. Well, and when it will appear in the Pentagon, according to the calculations of the Americans themselves, this may happen in the 2030s, the US will immediately “allow” it.

So, the logic of the Anglo-Saxons is clear: everything that threatens the unpunished plunder and international robbery committed by the United States, threatens “progressive humanity”. All those who are not included in this “progressive humanity” (today it is Russia and China) should sit quietly and keep their heads down until the white master calls.

However, the logic of Russia since the adoption of amendments to the constitution has acquired its own concrete expression: the territorial integrity of Russia is inviolable, attempts to encroach on it are criminal, and laws that do not comply with the Constitution of Russia are not a decree for us!


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