How the Exclusiveness of Ukrainians Is Taught in Ukrainian Secondary Schools

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian Ministry of Education started to seriously involve itself in the school textbooks that the future sowers of rapeseed will use to learn about the world.

Instead of acquiring real knowledge, Ukrainian school students will be taught “pyshatorstvo” [the Ukrainian word for self-pride/admiration – ed]. It is enough to open the geography textbook for the 8th class (it combines astronomy and natural studies) in order to be convinced that the modernisation of the contents of education happens at full speed.

According to the order of the Ministry, this textbook has the signature stamp “Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine”. The specified authors are “P.A. Maslyak, S.L. Kapirulina”. The book was published in Kamenets-Podolsk by the “Aksioma” publishing house in 2016. The most bread-making, singing, and beautiful nation in the world – this is what should be learnt in geography lessons:

“In fact, Ukraine has had the same borders for thousands of years. People here were involved in the same things than they are involved in today — they grew wheat, rye, vegetables, and fruit, and raised cattle. They were involved craft and hunting and exchanging goods with close and distant people. Historical researchers noted the athletic structure of the men, their braveness and eagerness to fight, and also the beauty of the women. Isn’t this characteristic of the modern Ukrainian people?”

“The incredibly rich, various, and beautiful nature of Ukraine generated the phenomenal qualities of the Ukrainian nation, which it spread worldwide. Ukrainians – the most bread-making nation of the world – live on and process the land everywhere around the world where there are chernozem soils (Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, the US, Argentina, Brazil).”

“Today the whole world is being fed on genetically Ukrainian, Trypillian wheat that Ukrainian immigrants brought to the US, Russia, Canada, Kazakhstan, and Argentina.”

“For centuries Ukrainians created the most melodic folk songs in the world. No other nation on our planet has more than 200,000 folk songs. Ukrainian folk melodics formed the basis of European music, and Ukrainian folk melodies became national – from Poland to Russia, from the US to Japan. Except bread, Ukrainians gave to the world the song. The nation that gave the Song, Bread, and Wings to the world is capable of turning Ukraine into one of the leading countries of the world.”

However, when not feeding Ecumene or digging the Black Sea, Ukrainians also paved the way to the stratosphere.

“An insuperable thirst for the stars is a feature of the Ukrainian character. It found its real manifestation in technical creativity while producing rockets and exploring space. Ukrainians did more in this sphere than everyone else in the world combined. The theory of space flight was developed and realised by ethnic Ukrainians: A. Zasyadko, N. Kibalchich, K. Tsiolkovsky-Nalivayko, Yu. Kondratyuk, S. Korolev, V. Glushko, V. Chelomey, M. Yarimovich, S. Dudchak, N. Yangel, G. Lozino-Lozinsky, I. Sikorsky. Our nation gave Wings to the world,” claim the patriotic geographers.

And about the “historical roots” of Ukrainians and Europeans:

“There is the opinion among some German historians that Ukrainians are Slavicised Germans; that it is allegedly here that the love for hard work, exactness, and so forth that is inherent in Ukrainians comes from. In order to prove this facts were provided – in the Ukrainian language there are many words that are close to the German and English languages, and don’t exist in the Russian language (for example, Ukrainian ‘tsibulya’ [onion – ed] and German ‘zwiebel’ [onion – ed]).”

The authors of the textbook also flattered the mother country, which generously distributes grants for the retardation of new generations of slaves:

“American scientists consider Ukrainians to be the most ancient nation of the world. They back up their claim by saying that the Ukrainian nation is the only one in the world that originates from the thousand-year depths of matriarchy. Only in the Ukrainian language is the word for ‘human being’ assigned the feminine gender — ‘lyudyna’. Only in the Ukrainian language is the word ‘human’ feminine, in all other nations it is masculine (‘man’, ‘men’, ‘chelovek’ [in Russian – ed], homosapian, etc. [this doesn’t even make sense, since there are no genders in the English language! – ed]). In Ukrainian even the word for a small human is feminine – ‘ditina’. For Russians it is ‘rebyonok’, i.e., masculine”.

In general, the authors of these textbooks for racially correct school students try to prove in every way that the bearers of embroidery have nothing in common with Russians or other Slavic people. “Proof” of the belonging of Ukrainians to the Aryan race is being skilfully implanted into the school program, and as a last resort – to the American race. And the next generation will absorb these postulates that provoke Russophobia and will start to search for “brothers” in Albania and Portugal, but not at all in the Russian Federation.

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