How the Main “Fighter Against Corruption” in Russia Stole 372,775,000 Rubles From the Population

We all remember not so long ago a scandal broke out concerning 20 million rubles, allegedly appropriated by the relatives of the late singer Jeanna Friske from Rusfond. This happened because the singer’s relatives could not provide the charity foundation with exculpatory documents about the intended use of funds.

Ordinary citizens may not know that money donated for charitable purposes should be used strictly for its intended purpose, any misuse of it is qualified as fraud and is punishable under the articles of the criminal code.

Ordinary citizens may not know this, of course. However, those who declare their goal to monitor the targeted use of state budget funds, of course, can not be unaware of this. However, ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility for its violation.

Outraged by corruption in Russia, students and schoolchildren may not know about this, of course, so I consider it my duty to enlighten them on this issue, drawing their attention to one interesting fact from the activities of the Anti-corruption Fund of their idol Aleksey Navalny.

In December 2016, the “Anti-corruption Fund” announced a collection of donations for the nomination of Aleksey Navalny as a candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation.

Although it was clear from the very beginning that a person with two suspended sentences on serious charges will not face any elections, the enterprising idol of angry schoolchildren started fundraising and declared himself a “presidential candidate” a year before the official announcement of the start of the electoral campaign, which in itself makes the fundraising procedure illegal. However, the publication “Top Secret” decided to conduct an experiment to find out the legality of money turnover in the “Anti-corruption Fund” itself.

Sergey Frolov, deputy editor-in-chief of the publication “Top Secret”, sent 10,000 editorial rubles via the Yandex-Money system to the personal account of Navalny’s cheif of staff, Leonid Volkov, who announced a fundraising campaign to register a “future presidential candidate”.

It is known that the presidential nomination did not take place, so the money should have been returned to their donors.

After the Central Election Comission finally spoke about the impossibility of citizen Navalny’s participation in the presidential election, Sergey Frolov sent a letter asking for his money back, since he sent it to register a “candidate”, and no registration is expected, which means that fundraising no longer makes sense.

No one answered the journalist’s letter, but he continued to bombard all the mailboxes of functionaries of the Navalny headquarters with his messages until he received a response from a girl named Olga Gordiychuk:

“Hello, Sergey Petrovich!

Aleksey can and will participate in the presidential election: The decision to admit Aleksey and register him as a candidate is made only by you and me, collecting 300,000 perfect signatures. Thank you so much for your donation, we spent it on fighting the regime. So we will win!

Olga Gordiychuk, a pre-election staff of the candidate in presidents of Russia
Aleksey Navalny.”

The puzzled journalist, who did not intend to sponsor the mythical “fight against the regime”, wrote a letter to the girl from the headquarters explaining his position:

“Good afternoon, Olga!

Thank you for your answer and explanation about my money spent ‘on fighting the regime’. The fact is that the fundraising was announced for the registration of a presidential candidate, which a priori means – for political activity within the framework of existing legislation, and not at all for some ‘fight against the regime’. To be honest, I don’t really understand what is meant by this term. I hope it’s nothing illegal…

In many countries, this practice applies when money is collected for the registration of a candidate in the upcoming election and accumulated in special funds before the start of the electoral campaign. However, you write that the money has already been spent, and the electoral campaign has not even been officially announced yet. This raises certain questions and suspicions of misuse of funds. And this, as you understand, is already a violation of the law. The last thing I would like to do is participate in something that violates the laws of my country, so please return my 10,000 rubles to the details specified in the previous letter.

Sincerely, Sergey Frolov.”

However, the topic of returning the money was suspended, and Olga Gordiychuk herself simply stopped responding to all subsequent emails, after which it became clear that no one was going to return the money to the journalist, and no one was going to report on their misuse. Is it necessary to specify that the fate of all other donations of the population for the nomination of Aleksey Navalny for President of Russia suffered the same fate?

The “Anti-corruption Fund” financial report for 2018 indicates that in the period from December 2016 to April 2018, the Fund collected donations for the nomination of Aleksey Navalny for President in the amount of 372,775,000 rubles, which disappeared from the Fund’s accounts, and the fate of which is unknown.

P.S. it became known that the editors of “Top Secret” appealed to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office with a request to give a legal assessment of this amazing phenomenon, when a certain structure openly collects money for obviously illegal purposes and cannot clearly explain where it goes.

The Prosecutor’s office has already started such an investigation, and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Presnensky district, police colonel A. Platonov, was instructed to investigate this story “concerning the fact of possible illegal actions”.


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