How the SBU Set-Up the Chairman of the “Immortal Regiment of Ukraine” Movement

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Derkach

Friends, I was asked to describe the events that made me a defendant in a criminal case! I didn’t want to write the details of this HUMAN MEANNESS and LAWLESSNESS in our kingdom-State for over a year, but today the court arrested my property, and so I’ll thus write in detail about this “affair”!

So, at the end of May-early June 2017 one of my old friends – a weightlifting coach – called me and asked me to help out his old friend – a fellow athlete; a certain citizen of Ukraine; a retired Colonel; the former chief of the many penal colonies, who was repeatedly expelled from law enforcement bodies for DISCREDITING them, but, due to having money and contacts, they again and again re-established this BASTARD in their “ranks”; by the name of Nikolay Ivanovich Khaynatsky – to solve his problem! I, having known the trainer Fedotov V.M. for a long time, and having friendly relations with him, couldn’t refuse his request because before this I helped his athletes many times! So he gave my phone number to this Khaynatsky N.I and after a while we met.

Khaynatsky, motivating his appeal by the fact that I was a Deputy and have authority among the public in the district where his business is located, told me about his problem. I won’t get into the details for the sake of time. I explained how he should solve his problem, and he disappeared! After a couple of weeks, he called me, thanked me, and said that he had solved his problem! Then the summer began and he, during the summer, contacted me with several requests concerning his business! I helped him! At the end of summer he came to my place with a whole bunch of his “problems” concerning business and again asked me for help! Here I resist on any longer, and, despite the fact that this was the request of my old friend and coach Vladimir Fedotov, I presented a condition to Khaynatsky for my participation in this business, which from my point of view was just, because Khaynatsky’s last request dropped all the problems of his business on me! Up to this point, he did not pay me a kopeck for his “requests”, but regularly told me that in a month they earn about 6,000,000 hryvnia. I defined my participation as being worth 10% of this sum, which in my opinion, taking into account the obligations imposed on me, was quite fair!

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Khaynatsky started to “Oh” and “Ah”, but promised to think about it, referring to a greedy and despicable “boss” who does not appreciate even his work at its true worth! A couple of weeks later this scumbag called me and said that the “boss” approved only 1% for my participation, which amounted to 50,000 hryvnia! I agreed because I was in a very difficult financial situation and asked him to make a contract with my law firm! Khaynatsky asked me to come immediately, saying that he may leave urgently and perhaps for a long time, and that it will be necessary for me to immediately take over his duties! I came to meet him at his appointed place.

Khaynatsky, sweating and babbling away in an inarticulate manner, shoved money into my pocket and quickly ran away, not responding to my request to enter into official cooperation agreement! It was like saying: “That’s all, later, I’m in a hurry!” During the summer, as it seemed to me, our relationship became almost friendly and I did not smell a rat in his behavior! He ran away, and instead of him employees of the SBU appeared, about 20 people! All of this spectacle took place at the City Council, near the Eternal flame in Kharkov, near Khaynatsky’s office!

It turned out that Khaynatsky wrote a statement about me to the SBU about “extortion”!!! At the same time a search was already ongoing in my house, everything had been turned upside down in front of my wife and six-year-old grandson! So, Article 368 Part 3 was imputed to me!!! Well, after this it was a pre-trial detention center for two days and then house arrest for two months! At the end of December 2017, the case was transferred to the Dzerzhinsky court of Kharkov! The judge could not start hearing the case and today, at the request of the Prosecutor, arrested my property! The day prior the Prosecutor himself admitted to the judge that the facts previously provided by the SBU that allegedly testify against me were not CONFIRMED! BUT NEVERTHELESS, TODAY MY PROPERTY WAS ARRESTED! This is how the ORDERS AGAINST PEOPLE WHO DISSATISFY THE AUTHORITIES ARE BEING CARRIED OUT!

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I consider that the actions of law enforcement bodies to be politically-motivated and bear an obvious ordered character, because the authorities, not having lawful methods of combatting dissent and freedom of will, use despicable and illegal methods!

In my opinion this despicable spectacle was deliberately staged by the authorities to discredit me as the Chairman of the movement IMMORTAL REGIMENT OF UKRAINE! And to sink our good undertakings in sh*t! It’s possible that the appearance on my horizon of the scumbag Khizhnyak – who presents himself as the representative of V. Zakharchenko, and who is possibly a part-time SBU clown – was the next step! Because he projects a similar “movie”, but in his interpretation!

And this is how we live!

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