How the Ukrainian Writer Miroslava Berdnik Was Smeared by Pro-Maidan Forces

I accidentally stumbled upon material online that came out about me on the “Fakti” ICTV channel exactly during the search at my place and first interrogation.

It’s difficult to find more deceitful, primitive, and unprofessional material!

It is reported that “patriots” “crossed their fingers” and “hope for the best”, i.e. that I will be imprisoned. They inform the audience of one of the main TV channels in Ukraine about a whole collection of dirt on me: that I criticised the fascist OUN-UPA and the “national movement as a whole”, I criticised the “Orange Revolution“, Maidan, I am (let’s remember the photo with a prayer book on the page of the Security Service on Facebook) a supporter of Orthodoxy, I defend the Russian language, and also – this is an unforgivable crime – I am at the same time a supporter of Stalin, Putin, and the late Muammar Gaddafi!

In addition to everything, the viewers of ICTV were informed about the nickname that Nazis on the Internet have been branding me with for 11 years – “Varezhka”, and as the top of the dirt found on my Facebook account a photo where I am photographed hugging a birch (presumably a Russian one!)

It’s not without reason that I published junk material that came out on the ICTV channel about me exactly during a search and first interrogation with the wildest accusations and a screenshot from Wikipedia, where I was called a “media terrorist”.

I participated in a representative conference during which judges, lawyers, and journalists discussed the issue of harassment by journalists and thereby created an atmosphere of universal legal nihilism in society.

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In addition to judges and lawyers, a teacher of the faculty of journalism took part in the meeting. She spoke very well and in a balanced manner about the painful points of her colleagues’ non-compliance with the standards of journalism, gave quite imputed advice – what should be done to correct the situation, complained about students who are ignorant and already come to the university with tendentious views that they learned from the same unscrupulous media.

All this she said until … I started my speech!

As soon as she understood, when I started talking about that wild persecution started by “Mirotvorets” and continued by the media – including not only accusations that I was Orthodox, an opponent of capitalism, and a birch lover, but also the creation of fakes, that I was dying of oncology (after which the persecution began with wishes to die soon and in pain) – she hit the roof in the literal sense of the word!!

For some reason she forgot about all the journalistic standards and ethical norms that she called to comply with! She grossly interrupted me, trashing my speech, constantly disrupting the logical thread. In the end she reached such a level that she said that my views (which she knows nothing about, which she confessed) should be restricted in the interests of national security! And if I act as a witness in a factual case about the publication on my blog of materials that may pose a threat to territorial integrity and the promotion of terrorism, I’m in advance guilty even without trial!

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In the photo for attracting attention: a photo from the website of the Security Service – during a search at my place operative officers collected – prayers, an icon, and a brochure from the forum of the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, took photos, and released them on the website of the press service of the Security Service with the caption that I already testify about my cooperation with the FSB and give away all state secrets and accomplices, and it is like this that “vata” are being exposed.

Yes. When I spoke about it, she also interrupted me and started to correct me: “not the Great Patriotic, but the Second World War”.

Miroslava Berdnik

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