How the Widow of Denis Voronenkov Cleared Russia of Any Involvement in His Murder

Today, April 23rd, the widow of the Russian former deputy Denis Voronenkov, Mariya Maksakova, said again that her husband wasn’t killed by either the FSB nor her former husband, the crime boss Vladimir Tyurin.

She pronounced the words under judicial oath. This testimony completely demolishes the narrative of the investigation that was promoted earlier by the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

The Ukrainian news agency “Strana” offered a reminder about the plot of the case and why the official narrative crumbles in front of our eyes.

How Voronenkov was killed

Denis Voronenkov was shot in the center of Kiev in March 2017 at the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard and Pushkinskaya Street.

The former people’s deputy of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation emigrated to Ukraine with the wife, the opera singer Mariya Maksakova. A criminal case was initiated against the deputy in Russia was the reason for this.

In Ukraine Voronenkov cooperated with the authorities and was even going to testify concerning Yanukovych’s letter to Putin in 2014. In exchange they were going to give him Ukrainian citizenship.

On the day of his murder, Voronenkov was going to meet another Russian – the fellow Duma member Ilya Ponomarev. However, at the “Premier Palace” hotel the murderer approached the Russian and managed to shoot him several times.

The security guard of Voronenkov, who also came under fire and died, managed to mortally wound the killer. Also, the murderer died in hospital. He was the member of the volunteer battalion Carpathian Sich Pavel Parshov.

Game of politics surrounding the murder

The president Petro Poroshenko immediately found the guilty persons on the day of the murder. “The sneaky murder of Denis Voronenkov is an act of the state terrorism carried out by Russia,” said the head of state.

This was echoed by Yury Lutsenko. “Today in the center of Kiev an opponent of the Kremlin who testified against the Kremlin and against Yanukovych was politically punished,” said the Prosecutor-General.

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I.e., the authorities immediately chose the line of blaming Moscow for Voronenkov’s murder. From all official platforms it was declared that the deputy was “removed” because he was going to testify in the case of Yanukovych.

It was said that Voronenkov knows certain exclusive information about the letter sent by the former president to Vladimir Putin concerning the introduction of troops in Ukraine. Owing to the killed’s status – a member of the not pro-government Communist Party, of course, he couldn’t say anything other than well-known facts.

Therefore, having collected the first cream from the narrative about “the hand of the Kremlin”, the authorities reformatted their claims a little. Officially, a personal conflict came into the forefront, not his political background.

Especially since the performers of the murder were not so similar to Russians or “separatists”. They were volunteer battalions members and nationalist.s

Murderer and his assistants

As was said above, the killer Pavel Parshov previously officially served in the National Guard. He was a volunteer of the “Donbass” battalion and, according to rumours, served in “Azov”, where this fact was denied.

Prior to his service in a volunteer battalion, Parshov was a person involved in criminal cases on money laundering. But, despite this, he was taken for service.

Parshov’s accomplice – Yaroslav Levenets – went along approximately the same way. He worked as a trainer of the fighting gopak and was a member of the nationalist organisation of Dmitry Yarosh “Trizub”. In 2012 he was arrested for embezzlement and the non-payment of taxes. Having run away from under house arrest, he appeared with Parshov in one volunteer battalion.

However, Levenets, according to the investigation, ran away to Russia. As well as the liaison between the murderers and the clients – the criminal Yury Vasilenko. The bottom line is that the investigation has two detainees – Aleksandr Los, who allegedly helped Vasilenko find the killer, and Yaroslav Tarasenko, the driver of Parshov. Both deny their guilt in court.

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Narrative of the investigation

In the autumn of 2018 the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that murder had been solved. The former husband of Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin was named as the client, who allegedly worked at the order of the Russian special services, which played on Tyurin’s jealousy of Voronenkov.

However, the prosecutors didn’t show any evidence of all these inter-relations. So in the meantime all the statements for “the hand of Moscow” and for Tyurin are unfounded.

The affirmation that Parshov at the beginning of 2015 crossed on foot the border with Belarus, and from there moved to the Russian Federation in order to be trained at a school of saboteurs, is cut from the same cloth. If the fact of a border crossing to Belarus still can be proved in theory, then the story about a special school is unlikely to have strict evidential base.

The rest of the investigators quite accurately recreated a picture of crime, having described in detail how Parshov, Levenets, and Tarasenko watched Voronenkov in Kiev, rented apartments, and travelled around the city in a “Lanos”. All of these actions were recorded on CCTV and supported by the testimonies of witnesses.

I.e., Lutsenko was able to describe how the murder took place. But concerning the motives and client, the public is invited to take the word of the Prosecutor General. But this becomes harder and harder. Especially since the widow of Voronenkov already stated her version of the reasons for the murder.

Maksakova’s version

In October Mariya Maksakova made a number of statements that disprove the narrative of the investigation.

According to the singer, her former spouse, Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik) – authoritative in the criminal world of Russia, isn’t implicated in the elimination of the former deputy of the State Duma. And another Russian – Voronenkov’s friend Denis Panaitov – may be behind the shots at “Premier Palace”. And, perhaps, the second wife of Voronenkov Yuli.

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Voronenkov and Maksakova have a property dispute over two elite apartments in the center of Moscow and one in Kiev. The second party of the dispute is Denis Panaitov.

And on April 23rd, at one of the court hearings on this case, Maksakova came to court and again stated her version of the causes of the murder, under judicial oath.

The audio recording of today’s interrogation of Maksakova is at the disposal of “Strana”. She claims Tyurin isn’t implicated in murder of her husband Voronenkov.

The widow of the former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation named a “housing problem” as the main reason for the execution of her spouse. She claims that his friend from Russia Denis Panaitov, in whose apartment in the center of Kiev the family couple lodged after escaping to Ukraine, was interested in Voronenkov’s death.

Allegedly Panaitov promised Voronenkov to make a deal on the exchange of the living space belonging to him in Kiev for the apartments of status fugitives from the Russian Federation to Moscow, but abandoned them. And in such criminal acts Panaitov could act in agreement with another opponent of Voronenkov – the Russian businessman Vitaly Kachur (it is on the basis of his testimony that the former Deputy of the State Duma was involved in the case of fraud in Russia).

It should be noted that the Russian businessman Panaitov rejects his participation in Voronenkov’s elimination.

In comment to “Strana” he said that Mariya Maksakova’s narrative read in court about his alleged participation in the organisation and ordering of the murder of Voronenkov and the desire to use this case to establish control over disputed real estate is “nonsense”. “There is nothing to comment on,” said Panaitov.

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