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NEW – March 8, 2022

To participate in the construction of a new world civilisation (because the old one has died, it’s just painful for the comfortable class to admit it to itself) not as manure – and that’s exactly the question – Russia needs to launch an all-embracing comprehensive modernisation

Modernisation will be successful only in the case of ubiquity and self-activity, when it is carried out by everyone within the framework of priorities provided by the state.

It is impossible to survive without this.

The possibility of piecemeal discontinuous development and the effectiveness of manual control is obviously nonsense, sometimes even disinterested.

To ensure modernisation, first of all, it is necessary to limit financial speculation, because otherwise all the money will go to speculative markets and remain only there. To do this, banks should be prohibited from buying foreign currency at the end of the day except for state-verified import contracts (let them speculate as they want inside the day), and in general, for every ruble invested in speculative markets by their major participant, they must invest at least five rubles in government securities or in the real sector (loans to enterprises and the population or investments in securities for at least a year).

To stop the supply of raw materials, semi-finished products and strategic materials to the aggressor countries, to conduct all remaining exports to the aggressor countries for rubles or physical gold with 100% prepayment.

Thanks to this, reduce the interest rate of the Bank of Russia to 5%, provide cheap public credit for development projects.

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  1. Limit the arbitrariness of monopolies: introduce a maximum excess of the price “on the counter” over the price of the producer or import (different for different regions and groups of goods), give the Antimonopoly Service the authority to check the price structure and adjust it. Introduce criminal liability for creating an artificial shortage (sticking to existing goods in anticipation of price increases).
  2. Freeze all prices and tariffs of natural and administrative monopolies (such as garbage collection operators), then check their validity and reduce them. Cancel the payment for the overhaul as theft.
  3. Cancel the bankruptcy of enterprises, as after the default of 1998: otherwise, liberal “effective managers” of banks (including state-owned ones) will scrap the whole of Russia, and especially the military-industrial complex enterprises. Write off the debts of the military-industrial complex enterprises and their related parties in full. For attempts to disorganise the work of military-industrial complex enterprises (especially by banksters) – be deprived of liberty.
  4. Introduce the “card index principle”, as in 1998: freeze all debts (“put in the card index”) for the sake of making current payments and pay as soon as available funds become available.
  5. Cancel 100% prepayment of freight transportation of Russian Railways, put all those involved in this decision on trial, halve tariffs for long-distance transportation of grain, coal, socially significant goods.
  6. Conduct a credit, tax and municipal amnesty for people without significant income, property and savings. Support banks and utilities with liquidity, which will face a shortage of working capital because of this.
  7. Provide interest-free loans for the replenishment of working capital for up to a year in the amount of up to half of the turnover of 2019 to small and medium-sized enterprises of the real sector that do not reduce employment, on an application basis.
  8. Confiscate all assets of all enterprises with foreign participation suspending work in the Russian Federation upon suspension of work, transfer them to the management of Boards of Directors from citizens of the Russian Federation (as Ukraine did with the “daughter” of Alfa-Bank). Oblige the management to restore their activities.
  9. Freeze the assets of all offshore companies in the Russian Federation with the transfer under the management of state-owned companies; unfreeze upon re-registration of parent companies with Russian founders in the Russian Federation. After 6 months, confiscate everything not re-registered.
  10. Normalise the tax system: not to levy taxes and mandatory payments from citizens with incomes below two subsistence minimums and from small enterprises of the real sector, to withdraw excess profits of commodity exporters with export duties while reducing taxes within the country (cancellation of the “tax manoeuvre”), not to levy income tax on investments in the real sector of Russia, to introduce a progressive scale of taxation.
  11. Withdraw from the WTO, WHO and other anti-Russian international organisations.
  12. Create a headquarters under the Prime Minister to ensure critical imports and the development of closing technologies. Mobilise inventors, provide financing for the use of new technologies.
  13. Deploy (at least on “Avito”) a platform for the provision of resources, equipment and technologies (very many small and medium-sized enterprises have unique equipment and technologies that large corporations urgently need, but no one knows about them).
  14. Put the retirement age back in place, to guarantee the right to life in the form of a real subsistence minimum, cancel the Unified State Exam, ensure the restoration of normal education and health care.
  15. Liberate public administration, corporate governance, the education and culture system from the liberal “fifth column”.
  16. Abolish all intellectual property of the aggressor countries, their legal entities and individuals to realise Pavel Durov’s dream of Crimea in all of Russia! Create an infrastructure for the supply of pirated materials.
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This is the minimum set of measures, without which Russia’s very existence will remain at risk.

Mikhail Delyagin

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