How to Obtain Information From Mobile Phones – a Master Class From the SBU

“During the pre-trial investigation it was established that on the Internet there is the information site ‘’, where all interested anonymous persons are offered services for the covert remote interception of information from mobile terminals, using software that is a special technical means of secretly obtaining information.

For this purpose, several variants of software tools are offered on the specified website with the following functionality:

  • Real time acoustic interception of the environment where the mobile phone is located, as well as the further storage of said data;
  • Interception and further storage of telephone conversations, as well as SMS and MMS correspondence;
  • Access to photo-video information stored on a mobile phone;
  • Interception of subscriber location;
  • Interception of Skype, Viber, WhatsApp conversations;
  • Access to e-mail.

Information obtained during the pre-trial investigation indicates that data intercepted from mobile terminals is accumulated on specially created servers and, in the future, transmitted to the customer.

Payment for the use of the specified software is made by electronic wallet Webmoney (No. 22). Subsequent verification activities have established that the said Webmoney personal certificate is registered and authorised by mobile phone No. 21.

According to the preliminary conclusions of experts, the specified software, in case of its installation on the file system of the mobile phone, in combination with it, is a special technical means of secretly obtaining information (in accordance with the methodological recommendations of the Security Council of Ukraine No. 297/DSK from 18.11.2016).”

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