How Ukraine Abandoned Its Own Dead Militants at “Azovstal”

NEW – May 25, 2022

The DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations takes out the bodies of killed “Azov” militants from “Azovstal“.

“There is a sharp cadaverous smell here, which from a distance of several tens of meters sharply hits the nose” – this is how Readovka special correspondent Rostislav Shorokhov describes the situation at “Azovstal”, who today visited the factory from where emergency workers in refrigerators took out the bodies of killed Ukrainian neo-nazis. For a long time, the dungeons of the enterprise served as a citadel for “Azov”, but for many Ukrainian militants they became a grave. As our special correspondent notes, some of the bodies of the dead were in the basements for more than two months.

“There are a lot of unidentified, already completely decomposed corpses that have been lying for a long time at such a temperature, in the heat,” Rostislav Shorokhov said, adding that the Ukrainian side in every possible way refused to take out the dead from “Azovstal” and recognise these losses, which will likely prevent many bodies from being identified and handed over to their families.


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