How Ukrainian Nationalist Rock Music Perceives the Topic of the Holocaust

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Eduard Dolinsky

In the works of the well-known musical groupSokyra Peruna, whose fans raise their right hand to the sun, love Indian and old believers’ symbols, an important place is occupied by the theme of the Holocaust. The composition of the group called “Six Million Words Of Lies” from the album “European Unity” is dedicated to this tragedy.

“The web of untruths surrounds the world,
Zionist bullshit!
Unsubstantiated slander made a sheep out of you,
A toy in a kike’s hands!
They said, ‘how we suffered
At the hands of the Aryan warriors!
National-socialism should be forgetten forever’
But it was not to be while whilst we are alive!

There are millions of words of lies
Which were invented by kikes
About a Holocaust and Zyklon B
And you ask where is the evidence?!
Six million words of bullshit
Whites always lived in shame!
If you want to live in shame,
Then believe kikes, and not me!

They spread their infection
Replace history with lies!
They don’t want whites to be free.
To have their rights.
The impossibility of gas chambers, the impossibility of these victims,
The lack of evidence
A huge scandal detonates a huge explosion
And the countdown begins!

So free Europe from this plague
Shed the light of truth!
White society, white Europe
We have a right to our house!
There will come a time of reckoning, a Holy war
The Question will arise – they or us?
Victory will be with us for the truth is with us
In the battle for the race and the nation!”

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