Human Shields: LPR Documented Yet Another War Crime Committed by the SBU & “Right Sector”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic documented another fact of a war crime committed by employees of the SBU and members of the neo-Nazi organization “Right Sector”.

The resident of Krasny Luch Vladimir Pavlyuchenko, who in 2014 was forced to leave behind medicines for his seriously ill wife on territory under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, became a victim of mockery and torture.

Near Debaltsevo he was detained by fighters of “Right Sector”, and after being interrogated with the use of torture, he was transferred to the SBU. On the suspicion of “aiding separatists” Vladimir Pavlyuchenko spent 8 months behind bars in one of the secret prisons of the SBU, where he was also subjected to mockery and torture.

The resident of Donbass spoke about how at the beginning of war he was taken prisoner by Ukrainian nationalists from “Right Sector”. During his transportation to jail the column of fighters came under fire, and the same prisoners, as well as he, were used as a human shield, pressing them against the car windows. The victim stated this to the Ministry of State Security of the LPR.

“Near Fashchovka in the Perevalsk district, on the road Rostov-Kharkov, ‘Right Sector’ established the ‘Chernukhino’ checkpoint. People in camouflage uniforms ran out from the plantation, immediately twisted my arms, tied me up, and put a rucksack on my head. I was told that I allegedly was on some lists. Well, from that day a ‘new’ life started for me. I was left to sit in the plantation for at least 30 minutes. I heard how they exchanged words among themselves, that they captured a separatist. Besides me, there were three more people. I tried to talk to them, they managed to say that they had been held for three days already.

Then they weren’t able to say anything more because we began to be beaten for the fact that we talked amongst ourselves. They called someone by phone and said that they ‘captured a separatist, come, take him, if you don’t arrive in half an hour, there will be no-one left to take at all. We will shoot him’. Other fighters without identification marks also arrived here, I was put in a car and taken away. Explosions sounded, shooting began, we understood that gunfire was being aimed at our column. I tried to crouch down, and was immediately hit by a rifle butt to the face. When I pressed myself against the seat, I noticed that the Ukrainian punishers were lying on the floor and the butts of their rifles pressed us to the seats. We were used as cover,” said the resident of the LPR who was in Ukrainian captivity.

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