Hungarian Intelligence: Thousands of Militants Travel to Europe – the Risk of Civil War Is Real

In some areas of Europe there are already the prerequisites for launching a civil war, which can be started by trained Islamic militants delivered to the continent. This was said by the expert in the field of security and former head of an operational unit of one of the Hungarian intelligence agencies László Földi on the air of the Hungarian “M1” TV channel.

In response to the host’s question about the number of migrants in Europe today, Földi noted that the question about who these people are is more important.

“One and a half years ago it was forbidden to say that among these people there can be terrorists. In TV programs argued that it is unlikely that terrorists will choose the difficult path of migrants if it is possible to get to the country more comfortably by plane. And the problem is not that they can fly, but that thousands of militants arrive there. We’re talking not about terrorism in a classical sense, but about an offensive or an invasion that has two goals: firstly, to bring to Europe as many as possible well-trained militants, and secondly, to win over local Muslims. These are Muslims of the second or third generation from a ‘nonexistent ghetto’. 50% of local Muslims don’t intend to be integrated, these are potential militants,” he said.

The host asked why migrants, or, according to the Geneva Convention, refugees persecuted for any reasons, don’t go to the neighbouring countries rich with oil. According to László Földi, there is also a strategy to conquer Europe peacefully. For the specified countries it is a fine opportunity: Europe invites the electorate to vote for the political Islamic parties they have created. Thus, the interests of these countries will be protected in the European parliaments.

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Földi noted that the ethnic structure of Europe is irreversibly changing, and the slogan of the founding fathers of the European Union “Unity in diversity” changed its sense. If this continues and Europe will head towards to civil war, the establishment of Sharia will become a reality in several years. It is unlikely that the founders of the EU could imagine such an outcome.

According to Földi, migrant ghettoes, which already today natives can’t enter, can become the centers of civil war. Well-trained militants will be created there, expanding their territory. And states won’t be able to react to it in the habitual ways.

Veronika Turkot

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