Is Hungary Ready for War With Ukraine?

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Is Hungary ready for war with Ukraine? Here it would be more pertinent to do a peculiar castling and to ask this question to the Kiev high-ranking clowns, who allow, and can even order its chain of radicals to shake Western Ukraine and to prepare the next “separatist” explosion. Only now in Zakarpattia. And is Poroshenko ready to call Budapest an aggressor when the patience of Hungarians expires, and they will enter at least peacekeepers for the defence of Ukrainian compatriots against the arbitrariness of crazy nationalists? And indeed everything goes towards this.

The demand of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán about granting autonomy to the ethnic Hungarians of Zakarpattia had the effect of a bombshell on the Ukrainian radical society. And instead of remembering at least the rudiments of diplomacy and to stabilize the situation, to calm down neighbors and to reign in nationalists, Kiev does exactly the opposite. In the week that passed after the loud statement of Orban, radicals turned Zakarpattia into a hot spot and arranged the real persecution of Hungarian “separatists”. In addition, they are actively helped by the SBU in this “witch-hunt”, i.e. Poroshenko officially endorses the incitement of a new conflict on a national basis on the border of the EU, and thereby declares war on Hungary. Naturally the SBU tries to hide behind russophobia and calls the Hungarian activists “agents of the Kremlin” or, as a last resort, mercenaries of remaining regionals. But similar justification will hardly be fitting in the case of Hungary, after all, this affair already involves its citizens. And the Russophobic double standards of the EU and the US won’t work any more. Budapest won’t close its eyes to the genocide of Ukrainian Hungarians.

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Not even a couple of days passed after the raid on the Zakarpattia Hungarians by the SBU, who advocate autonomy under the slogan of combating separatism, like nationalists, without the support of the security services, before the persecution continued. Local patriots demolished the indicative steles in the Hungarian language established by activists supporting autonomy. To consolidate the effect, nationalists also set fire to the tent in which the Hungarians protecting the steles spent the night. Nobody, fortunately, was injured. All of this action was recorded on video and published on the Internet by the leader of the nazi organization “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky, having accompanied it with frankly racist comments and having actually declared war on Zakarpattia Hungarians.

Radicals, or, at least, those who stand behind them can’t but understand that similar persecutions and repressions will draw the attention of Budapest and will cause a very rigid reaction, and instead of calming it down, it will only shake the boat more strongly.

Does Poroshenko understand that his raging apes, actually on his behalf (he also tacitly supports all this lawlessness) declared war on Europe? Or has he already absolutely lost control over Ukraine and neglected everything, thinking only about fleeing? After all, Zakarpattia under such pressure will surely blow up soon, and Ukraine will receive a second anti-terrorist operation. Only already completely on other conditions, because Budapest is ready to use force and to wring out Zakarpattia in the shortest possible time without any claims from Brussels or Washington. In fact, Hungarians are just waiting for this.

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