Hunger Sobers Ukrainians: Nearly 90% of Citizens Live with an Empty Fridge

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Nearly 85% of Ukrainians consider that the President Petro Poroshenko and other Maidan “leaders” work “incorrectly”, and only 17% are sure of the correctness of the course of the Kiev authorities.

During the social survey conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation of Ilko Kucheriv, it became clear that only 17% of patriots are confident about the future and still hope that Ukraine will be able to overcome all problems and difficulties soon.

Nearly 50% of respondents consider that Ukraine will get out of the hole, however it will not happen under the current president. And nearly 20% of citizens are convinced that the country hit the bottom a long time ago and will not rise. Thus, three-quarters of citizens consider that the president of Ukraine Poroshenko and other participants of the coup work “incorrectly”, and only 17% are sure of correctness of the chosen course.

However, inhabitants of “Independent Ukraine” worry not so much because of the war in Donbass, the death of Ukrainians, and disorder of the state, but that they have an empty refrigerator. Hunger nevertheless scored a victory over propaganda, and here already nearly 90% of people are sure that Maidan considerably hit their bank accounts as food prices flew up almost three times. The defense capability of the country became the only sphere where Ukrainians specified an improvement of the situation – 40% of citizens identified the changes.

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