Hypocrisy and the Headscarf: The Story of Le Pen’s Visit to Lebanon

By Ollie Richardson


It would appear that parts of the Arab world are unable to fully shake off the side-effects of colonialism, and as a result have bitten on the bait of the virulent western media. As a result, despite the fact that Marine Le Pen is a supporter Bashar al-Assad, against the Salafist ideology, an advocate of good relations with Russia, and opposed to the liberal ideology in general, the playing of the “racist” card creates a parallel universe riddled with logical fallacies…

The French 2017 Presidential race is starting to enter the final straight, with the finish line being the May 7th run-off voting. Mr 4% – Francois Hollande – fortunately won’t be pushing for a 2nd term – with the country heavily limping, one term was most certainly more than enough. Besides, Russia liberated Aleppo, so his use is spent, as well as the use of his fellow US-controlled puppets. In France, the butcher of Libya Sarkozy was eliminated during the preliminary phase – he was unable to seduce the working class. Hollande’s lapdog Manual Valls was also eliminated early on – two years of his smug face as Prime Minster was also enough for a lifetime.

At this point, only Francois Fillion, Marine Le Pen, and Emmanuel Macron remain. There is Benoît Hamon, but he almost a carbon copy of Ed Miliband in Britain in the 2015 election – a pseudo-leftist with a vapid personality and Bernie Sanders-esque policies (“fix” a problem by inflating the national debt some more). Thus, with Fillion removed from the picture via a typically-french manufactured scandal, the battle for he Presidency will be between Macron and Le Pen. Of course, the “globalist” forces that have Europe by the balls are trying to hurt Le Pen at every opportunity, in order to put the toxic ex-banker Macron in power.

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Enter the Theo “rape” case. An incident that would normally occupy the liberal newspapers for one week because it’s an incident based on skin colour, was inflated into a national outrage. And the timing couldn’t be more “perfect” – just when the candidacy for the Presidency is being whittled down to two… Le Pen, of course, sided with the police, so in effect she has fallen for the trap. However, more and more examples keep emerging that illustrate that Le Pen is actually far ahead of her rivals. For example, migrants in Marseille say that they will vote for her because they are fed up of local gangs attacking minorities. That is indeed an unexpected (for the CIA) paradigm breaker. For them, anyone not Caucasian will vote for the liberal candidate. And the “anti-semitism” card can even be played when things start to get shaky.

However, for those with the just-passed US elections in recent memory, things are starting to look rather familiar. The lying media claims one candidate (the one who the CIA promotes) is leading the pack (here and here), but in reality the exact opposite is true. So, with all signals indicating a Le Pen win, along comes a pair of inflated “scandals”.

The first one goes a little something like this: Marine Le Pen used funds earmarked for staff working in the EU parliament in Strasbourg to pay staff working in France. As a result, her offices were raided by the police. According to hyper-liberal media – she could be jailed! Well, if this isn’t wishful thinking, then nothing is… This “scandal” in particular follows the same model as the one used against Fillion. This time, however, the story is seemingly too weak to dent Le Pen’s chances, essentially because she simply has to pay back €300,000 to “redeem” herself.

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The second “big scandal” is this: the Grand Mufti of Lebanon cancelled his scheduled meeting with Marine Le Pen because she refused to wear a headscarf. This “sensational story” is, of course, designed to provide additional “confirmation” that she is a racist (read – NAZI!).

This liberal-baiting might work for those who can’t even point to Lebanon on a map – leftists who project extreme racism themselves when they search for a minority to feel sorry for – but those who have an attention span greater than the 2017 “I must have the latest iPhone” average of 10 seconds, revealing just how pathetic this story is requires little effort. See the tweet below:

“This is the same Mufti that refused to meet with Le Pan because she refused to wear a headscarf. While here is a picture of the same Mufti with Sethrida Geagea


And take a look at this photo of the grand Mufti of Syria:

So meeting Le Pen with her hair on show is a problem, but meeting Ms Geagea with a short skirt is okay… If we are to use the logic of the post-modern “era of simulacrum”, wearing a headscarf as a “mark of respect” to the very culture that you call to bomb and attack via Wahhabi proxies is not a “scandal”, but sticking to your principals of national identity and showing actual respect by not wearing a headscarf to score political points back home (and at the same time vowing to fight Salafism and the very forces that bombed the said culture) is a “scandal”. This kind of paradoxical hypocrisy is the bread and butter of the Sharia Law barbarians in Riyadh – ask Michelle Obama!

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Some media even went as far as coupling this “jaw-dropping scandal” with her stance on Assad:

This hybrid article from Bloomberg, for example, serves as a double-trigger for those who have “graduated” from the John McCain school of psychological warfare. “Assad is a bad man, and Le Pen is a ‘far-right’ Nazi” – the problem, however, is that the only people eligible to vote in the French Presidential election are…the French. So, in reality it doesn’t matter what ordinary Americans think about her – all that matters is what the French working class think about her. And if the US elections are anything to go by (and Brexit to some extent), any candidate who doesn’t place the national identity in the forefront of their manifesto will feel like Hillary Clinton did on the morning of November 9th, 2016. 

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