“Hypocrite Beast”: NTV Journalist On Poroshenko’s Emergency Return From Germany

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




Petro Poroshenko’s press service on Monday evening reported that the president of Ukraine urgently interrupted his visit to Germany and came back to Kiev because of a state of emergency in Avdeevka in Donbass. There, because of the fighting provoked by the unsuccessful breakthrough attempt by Ukrainian forces to positions of the DPR, shells have damaged communications, houses, and about 400,000 people have been deenergized in the conditions of frosty weather.

The ostentatious gesture of sudden care of Poroshenko towards residents of Donbass was criticised by the head of the Crimean office of NTV, TV reporter Oleg Kryuchkov.

“Hypocritical beast! There are no other words! Poroshenko interrupted his visit to Germany because of the situation in Avdeevka! Beast! And when you together with Senchenko blocked water to Crimea; when with bastards from the Majlis you blew up the pylons, why didn’t you call for a tripartite group? Beast! At this time, children froze in the cities and the villages of Crimea, and you said that supposedly they are guilty themselves… It will catch up with you! The end will be horrible, the end will be horrible for this beast!” the TV reporter emotionally commented.

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