The Hysteria of a Ukrainian Propagandist: Serbia Plants a Bomb Under Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine is threatened by the initiative of the Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dačić, who proposed in the pages of the Belgrade newspaper “Politika” a new plan of the settlement of the Kosovo crisis, which suggests to transfer the territories of the Republic of Kosovo inhabited by Serbians under the control of Belgrade, and to create wide autonomy for other Serbians in the country and to provide actual independence to the orthodox monasteries that are on Kosovan territory.

The Ukrainian propagandist Vitaly Portnikov wrote about this on the website “Crimea Realities” (a Radio Svoboda project).

“So, if the Serbian plan of a settlement of the situation with Kosovo in one way or another works, it will become a serious precedent from the point of view of a change of approaches to international law. At the time it is precisely the declaration of independence of Kosovo that gave to the Kremlin the chance — although hypocritically — to refer to this precedent for the recognition of the ‘independence’ of the Georgian autonomies. And a settlement of the situation around Kosovo can allow to agree with the possibility of a change of State borders in terms of logic of the come-true fact. There will be a need only for a negotiation process — but it’s result will be not the fact itself of a return of the territory to the country from which it was cut off, but some compromise,” dreads Portnikov.

“In other words, if Serbia recognizes that Kosovo isn’t Serbian any more, then the next day it can happen that Abkhazia isn’t Georgian any more, Crimea and Donbass aren’t Ukrainian any more, Transnistria isn’t Moldavian any more, and so on. The formula of territorial integrity will be succeeded by a formula of mutual consent, which will open the way to the constant partition of the borders with the subsequent recognition of this partition by the international community,” wrote the Ukrainian propagandist.

Earlier, as Politnavigator reported, Portnikov said that in the future Poland will become an ally of Moscow, and Ukraine will find itself encircled by pro-Russian countries.

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