I Am a “Bought-Off Russian Occupier”: Confession

When I created a blog about traveling across Russia and history, it was said that I been “bought-off” for the fact that I didn’t pour a known brown substance on my land and country like other bloggers.

When I wrote my first article about history, which relied on verified sources and logic, it was said that I had been “bought-off” for the fact that I don’t consider Catherine II, Stalin, and Beria to be bloody murderers and criminals.

I.e., I don’t support the “young and fashionable”, but am not capable neither in history, nor in management, nor in economy, nor in the logic of fans of a couple of famous “beauty bloggers” on YouTube.

My “buyers”

When I wrote article about the “Yeltsin Center” and the negativity towards it, it was said that I had been “bought-off” for the fact that I “don’t appreciate the freedom of the saintly 90’s”. Those “wonderful” years when I and my family were forced to literally survive while oligarchs like Khodorkovsky washed themselves with the blood of my compatriots and money from the subsoil of my country.

When I wrote my first article in which I explained why I don’t support Khodorkovsky and Navalny with their crowds of “elves” jumping in the center of my city, it was said that I had been … yes, “bought-off”.

Why? Because I don’t like it when in my city rallies take place that are illegal and dangerous to my pregnant daughter, and when the youth – who became stupid from permissiveness – especially attack law enforcement and provoke mass disorder.

When I wrote that Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians are the same people; that we shouldn’t quarrel on the Internet; it is better to build a single space with the prospect of unification in the future for the sake of common greatness and prosperity – I was called … no, this time it was “occupier”.

My sincere respect to the security forces

In the first case it hasn’t yet been explained to me who I was “bought-off” by, but I think that it was the small shopkeepers of Crimea. In the second case – I was “bought-off” by “Stalinists”, of course. In the third case I aimed for a raise – Putin himself deigned to “pay” me off. In the fourth case – some Prigozhin and Sobyanin.

I agree, my level, according to commentators, has started to fall: if earlier I was paid by Putin or, at the worst, Peskov, then now Sobyanin. I was “done for” – it was necessary to lower my “price tag”.

I was tired of “living a lie” and with a pure soul I admit these “charges”. I hope that “repentance” will reduce my “guilt” before the “bright elves”.

Yes, the small shopkeepers of Crimea “paid” me off by building, together with the state, a peninsula abandoned by Ukraine from which resources were only pumped out and nothing was invested back in. The tour operators of Kaliningrad “paid” me off with incredible nature and beautiful architecture.

“Stalinists” “pissed away” the greatness of my country, which they developed: they built hospitals, schools, universities, and factories. An illiterate population was turned into the most reading country in the world. The agricultural economy was raised to the level of an industrial superstate, one of two in the middle to end of the 20th century.

I “told lies” about the “wind of freedom of the saintly 90’s” because I “envied” the “beautiful elves” Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, and Gusinsky. And Sauron-Putin had no difficulty in “buying” me by stopping the disintegration of my country when under the slogans of a drunk Yeltsin the republic “took as much sovereignty as it could carry”.

“A fighter for the freedom of elves and gnomes” – Khodorkovsky

I will remind the “elves” that Siberia and the Far East already prepared machines to print their own national currencies, and Tatarstan did it openly. In Chechnya and Dagestan the terrorists raised in other states ran around and occupied schools. This is no more. And I was “bought-off” with this.

Putin personally “paid” me off with the fact that under his governance my people started to live incomparably better than under the certainly “saintly” 80’s and 90’s.

I “sold my unbiased opinion” for the “price” that I see my surroundings with my own eyes. Everyone started to live so “poorly” that it was simply impossible to drive around the city without traffic jams due to the number of expensive cars in Moscow. In the yards there are a lot of families that have several cars for an apartment and parking in the evening is already similar to the movie “Mission Impossible”.

At school the kids have phones worth the average Moscow salary. Ah, these “poor” kids who, after paying for mobile communication and a taxi ride still manage to donate from their remaining money to one fashionable “beauty blogger” – a millionaire.

Lastly, Sobyanin “paid” me off by modernised parks, clean and comfortable streets, removed kiosks from the central streets of my city, new roads and roundabouts. I still remember those “good” times when parking on the Garden Ring was in three rows, which is not the case today.

For “good work”, Sobyanin and Khusnullin gave me a “bonus” in the form of the Moscow Ring Railway and new stops where I can recharge my phone free of charge.

I don’t need to watch TV or YouTube – in both cases glossy people with a well-fed life will teach me what the masters want me to learn. Only for some their masters are the Khodorkovskys and Navalnys, while for others it is the Medvedevs and Putins. I don’t need it. I already have a “price tag” for which I am “buyable”.

The modern “Communist Party of the Russian Federation” (“Strawberry – Orthodox Christians”): Chaplin, Grudinin, Zyuganov – a rally on Sakharova Avenue in Moscow

I don’t expect that those who divide the world into black and white, who have no half tones, who aren’t able to use logic or mathematics will understand me. I will be damned by those who don’t know the great history of Russia, who don’t understand the basics of economics, who have never managed anything by themselves and don’t even know how to organise the work of themselves and other people. I will start to be hated by those who don’t know what hard but honest work is.

The “price” at which I was “bought-off” and will be “bought” for from now on is my country, its tranquility, development, and safety.

I will be “bought” only by those who do real things for the benefit of me, my family, and my Motherland.

Not idle talkers from Twitter and YouTube, not “socialists with personal means of production”, not “orthodox communists who didn’t read Lenin and Marx”, not “religious putinists”, not “priests of the cult for everything good against everything bad”, not the “elfin beauty blogger”, and not the “neither friend or foe” “runaway oligarch, who hid behind their sick mother if only to not be imprisoned for their crimes”.

Sincerely yours, “bought-off Russian occupier”.


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