“I Don’t Care What the Residents of Donbass Think”: Ukrainian TV Host Igor Kondratyuk Suggested to Reintegrate the LDPR by Force

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The showman [TV star – ed] Igor Kondratyuk stated during a chat with the “Glavred” website that the fierce reintegration of Donbass is inevitable: it is Ukrainian territory, and reintegration needs to be carried out violently.

“I don’t care what those people who live there think, I even spit on it. If someone there cannot be reintegrated into the Ukrainian space and ‘consciousness’, then there are no moral grounds to keep these people in Ukraine. Suitcase, train station, Rostov”

summarised the showman

Concerning the observance of the Minsk format, the well-known showman said the following: “The main problem of all this Minsk nonsense is that elections have to take place there under Ukrainian laws”.

In the old days Igor Kondratyuk participated in the television club “What? Where? When?”. He worked as the editor and assistant of the host of the “Love at First Sight” and “Brain ring” programs on Russian TV channels.

Nowadays (and permanently) he hosts the “Karaoke on Maidan” broadcast, which he created together with his godfather, the native of Lugansk, and nowadays Moscow producer Andrey Kozlov.

Kondratyuk is not alone in his negative statements about the population of Donbass. The chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios also promised the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk “the most scary lustration”.

The native of Dnepropetrovsk (nowadays Dnepr) living in Israel and oligarch Igor Kolomoisky said the following about the LDPR: “I know the situation from within, there isn’t any Putin. For Putin it is an unnecessary burden. It would be more favourable for him to integrate Donbass back into Ukraine and to destroy Ukraine from within”. The media mogul and former co-owner of Privatbank is confident that Ukraine will return Donbass in the near foreseeable future.

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