“I Don’t Exclude That It Was an Assassination Attempt”: Western Media Critic Viktoriya Skripal Was Involved in a Car Accident

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The niece of the former spy Sergey Skripal, who was poisoned together with his daughter Yuliya in the British town of Salisbury, was involved in a serious accident in the Moscow region. The foreign car of the relative of the former spy oddly shed a wheel, and the car flew into the central reservation at full speed.

As Viktoriya herself told “MK”, on September 26th on Wednesday she went from Yaroslavl to Moscow for another media program devoted to “revelations” of the poisoners of the Skripals. The husband of the relative of the disgraced spy was driving, and his wife was sat on the passenger side. At about 15.00 the “Chevrolet” of Skripal appeared in the Moscow region and the road accident happened literally 500 meters after passing the regional entrance sign.

“We were driving at the legal speed in the extreme left lane, fortunately there weren’t any cars around, there was only a single truck in front of us,” remembers Viktoriya Skripal. “Suddenly we heard a scrape and the car started to lose traction, having titled towards the front left wheel. My husband quickly reacted and thus saved us — he turned the steering wheel to the right and we ploughed into the central reservation at full speed. I only had enough time to say one unprintable word.”

According to her, the fact that they were wearing seat belts saved her and her husband from injuries. The impact was so strong that some parts of the car flew into the oncoming lane. After the accident they both left the car through the front passenger door (it was impossible to leave through the driver’s door) and called the traffic police.

“I don’t exclude that it could be an assassination attempt. My husband checked the balancing, wheels, and suspension brackets during a service a week ago when I last went for a media program in Moscow. After this the car was parked all this time in its normal place, in the yard of our house. There are no cameras nearby, so someone could’ve deliberately tampered with it,” assumed Sergey Skripal’s relative.

Viktoriya affirms that many were aware of her plans to speak on a program on the topic of the Skripals. She supposes that there could be a connection between the road accident and her critical position in relation to the investigations of foreign media into the “agents” Petrov and Boshirov.

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