“I Thought It Was a Pirate Flag”: Kiev Went Into Damage Control Mode and Tried to Explain the “Totenkopf” Badge

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



A UAF soldier apologised for using Nazi symbols and blamed it on his ignorance.

As was earlier reported, a serviceman gained fame after a photo showing him next to Petro Poroshenko was spread around.

On this day Poroshenko met UAF soldiers from the 95th Separate Airborne Brigade in Ozyornoye in the Zhytomyr region. There he was photographed with a soldier who wore a badge with the emblem of the 3rd SS Panzer Division “Totenkopf”.

After this the command of the Airborne troops, probably, decided to significantly distance itself from this incident and posted on its Facebook page a video with the caption: “Paratroopers against any manifestations of Nazism”.

The first to come forward was the guilty soldier himself.

“Dear compatriots and brothers-in-arms! I want to apologise for wearing a badge that is similar to what was worn by Nazi divisions. I emphasise that I wore it through ignorance, mistaking it for a kind of pirate flag. I recognise my mistake and am ready to bear responsibility for it. I want to apologise that I, at a time difficult for Ukraine, gave Russian propagandists a reason to invent another portion of lies about our UAF”

said the soldier

Afterwards several soldiers spoke, who condemned their brother-in-arms.

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