If Being “Civilised” Means Kissing Other People’s Shoes, Then I Will Remain a Barbarian

Hello again. I look at what is happening in the United States and I’m amazed. Not at the riots, not at the rallies (I believe that they should feel all the charms of “colour revolutions”). I mean the out-and-out tolerance, which has reached the point of complete idiocy.

And now I am not talking about the LGBT community, transgender people, and other damaged persons. I am talking about the manifestations of tolerance that started on the wave of protests in the United States. Some white people are getting in front of blacks on their knees.

Some are kissing the feet of blacks…

…and others are being fired from their jobs just for saying “All lives matter. Every single one”.

In order to go on one’s knees in front of another person, and even more so to kiss someone’s shoes, it is necessary to lose one’s self-esteem.

And concerning being fired: a person truly believes that everyone’s life is important and valuable, and they are accused of racism. Apparently, in America, the life of a black person is much more important than the life of a white person. This logic is on the verge of insanity.

And after that, will our [Russia’s – ed] liberal-opposition rodents nod to the United States? “Look how good they are. Look at what perfect democracy they have”. Why the hell do we need such democracy? Why should we have such tolerance?

And in general, do you know the original essence of the medical term “toleration”? Toleration is the result of inhibiting the body’s immune system after it has accepted a foreign organ as its own. The total loss of immunity is actually death. In other words, toleration, regardless of context, is nothing but a deliberate desire to kill.

The fact that the concept of “toleration” has adapted to social processes in human society and is served under the sauce of “tolerance” does not invalidate the whole essence of “toleration”.

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