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NEW – March 14, 2022

This video clearly shows exactly how the military-political formation of NATO expanded its influence on the East, starting in 1949. NATO, being an alliance of countries designed to counterbalance the military potential of first the USSR, and later Russia and its allies, repeatedly violated the original provisions outlined under Stalin. The advance to the borders of Russia has been taking place systematically over the past decades.

Ukraine was drawn into a situation when the United States, having established its power in this country after carrying out a “colour revolution” there according to its standard methodology, began to pump its weapons as intensively as possible and train both the Armed Forces and Nazi formations in combat training (not to mention developments in the field of biological and toxin weapons with a specific genetic Slavic orientation).

The situation with the ongoing hostilities in the south-east of the country – where the military bloc of Ukraine, with the support of the national security forces, conducted “punitive” operations against the “separatists”, and the threat of unleashing a third world war by provocations towards the Russian Federation in the form of plans to strike Russian settlements at the end of February this year – equal the beginning of an operation to “demilitarise” the territory from which the threat of military provocation for Russia is as great as possible, taking into account the position of the authorities governing Kiev today from a distance.

“Demilitarisation’ is not a made-up term, it is enshrined in international law and in UN definitions, has no aggressive goals, does not include actions to destroy infrastructure as a goal, does not imply confrontation with the civilian population. That is why, after the first publications and statements of the West using the term ‘war’, the UN adjusted the wording to ‘conflict’ and ‘military operation’.

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In parallel with ideology as such, there is also a physical materialisation of its radical essence – Nazi military regiments, such as “Azov” or “Aidar” and others, which have not just received training and weapons from the United States in recent decades, but are being replenished today by Nazi “brothers in madness” from other countries in the form of a stream of Nazi mercenaries rushing to Ukraine.

Nazism in Ukraine is not about society, not about “calling people names”, but about the normalisation of Nazis in managerial positions in power and in the military bloc, which leads to a corresponding escalation due to the fact that the goal of the Nazis of Ukraine is “the death of Russians’ (one of them). But there is also the “desensitisation” of society – when the concepts have been substituted for the population for many years (“Nazism = patriotism”), history is rewritten (the figure of Bandera, the history of Khatyn, etc.), Russophobia is encouraged in a relaxed latent form…

One can be horrified, indignant, desperately disbelieve, etc. – the facts do not change because of this. These facts are recognised not only by the United States itself, but also by countries in the EU, which periodically expressed their “concern” about such dynamics, although they did it very phlegmatically.

SUMMARY: a fraternal country for Russia, the power in which is seized de facto by the United States, with pro-NATO personalities installed in key posts with a Nazi bias and an undisguised desire of the United States to unleash World War III to realise its political and economic goals on foreign territory and at the expense of fratricide of Slavs, whom in accordance with the task are to to destroyed….

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The million-dollar question is to wait for a provocation or destroy the provocateurs’ military bridgeheads before everyone finds themselves with their hand on the orange button?

The price of the decision is the inevitable losses and suffering of the civilian population, no matter how “surgically” it is carried out, no matter how the Russian military tries to protect people. This is with any decision. Inaction increases the risk of larger-scale losses and destruction of land as such in the event of a full-scale war.

Katia Txi

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