“If You Want Putin, Then Drop Dead”: Lvov TV Host Called for a Total Blockade of Crimea & Donbass

Odious Lvov TV presenter Drozdov distinguished himself by another scandalous Russophobic statement. During a live broadcast on his YouTube channel, he advocated a complete blockade of Crimea and the Donbass republics, which for the 6th year “sit on Putin’s fly”.

According to Drozdov, the residents of the L/DPR and Crimea who support Putin’s policy should “drop dead”.

“I am a supporter of the total, deaf, non-alternative blockade of Crimea and Donbass… If I had my way, Crimea would sit without water, without light, without anything. I would close everything. If you want Putin, then drop dead. Wash yourselves in puddles, guzzle imported water from the Russian continent. If you want to go to Putin – please go. He built the bridge for you — go there for drinking water,” said Drozdov.

“I believe that any trade, utilities, at the energy level, any relationship with that territory, equates to the financing of terrorism. Because in this way, we have our double pensions, which their grandparents, those involuntary KGBistes take in hryvnia… Everything that went there later returns in the form of ‘Grad’ and bullets,” added the Lvov journalist.

Recall that in December of last year, the nazi Drozdov demanded to destroy Russian-speaking children in Ukraine “as a species”. Earlier, Drozdov called Donbass “the worst region” inhabited by “artiodactyls”.

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