Ignorant, Obedient, & Unable to Think Independently: Post-Maidan Education in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


politnavigator.net (Igor Plisyuk)

Young man, you ask about how education in Odessa is? I will tell you. With each passing day the simple truth becomes clearer: this regime doesn’t at all need either qualified specialists, science, or competent people.

Judge by yourself – the largest universities of the city that went on official vacation on December 29th prolonged them until … the end of February! The sounded reason – a lack of funds for heating, as well as the new requirements for lighting of auditoriums, which cause additional electricity expenses.

Thus, students of the Mechnikov National University, Legal academy, National Academy of Food Technologies, and also the South Ukrainian national pedagogical university of Ushinsky will remain idle for two months, instead of engaging deeply with their studies…

And this is despite the fact that every year the number of State employees, on the orders of Kiev, continue to be reduced, and the notion of the “student grant” becomes something like a horizon – it is possible to aspire to obtain it, but it cannot be embraced…

State instances at the regional level, not without hypocrisy, answer indignant questions by saying: today, universities are independent establishments, and their management has the right to decide themselves how and when to train their little pupils.

The deans grandly assure the public that they will make up for lost time in educational programs. But everyone understands that these are empty words, designed to cover up the fierce shame of the full defiance by the State of the most important task – the preparation of qualified personnel.

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Putting aside what was said above, the crumpled, mutilated, and politicised educational programs stuffed with banderist propaganda and the falsification of history, which is being hammered into the skulls of pupils of not only the humanities, but also the technical and natural sciences, turn into a certain “digest”. And every year the volume of information is reduced. And requirements sometimes fall below the primary/secondary school program.

And even at the once glorious Imperial Novorossiya University, such faculties as physics are being abolished, and history was long ago turned into a nursery of staff for nationalist and rabble-rousing gangs of “activists”. After all, it is the local “Herodotus” “bottled” by backwards provincial beings that became the initiators of the Russophobic delirium about the “600th anniversary” [a propaganda campaign intimated by Kiev to pretend that Odessa predates the Russian empire – ed] of Odessa, which is actively supported by Kiev.

No, dear citizens, I am not inclined to idealise everything that existed during the Soviet era. But I will allow myself to offer a reminder: during the Civil war and the cold and starving years after it, as well as during the Great Patriotic War, the educational institutions – from schools to technical colleges and universities – continued to work in the most terrible and unlucky days. Do not ask me why it was like this. After all, the answer is obvious: those [Soviet – ed] authorities needed educated and competent people, experts in all domains of industries and science, who indeed raised it from the ruins twice.

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These, pardon the expression, “authorities” [Maidan junta – ed], which quickly and skilfully submerged the country in chaos, hunger, cold, darkness, and ruin, needs a herd with as fewer leaders as necessary. Ignorant, obedient, and deprived of elementary abilities for independent thinking. But do we need it, I ask you, and I don’t expect an answer…

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