Blogger Igor Dimitriyev on US Airstrike on Syrian Army Positions Near Deir Ezzor

Translated by Helga Green


Igor Dimitriyev

American air force provided cover for ISIS’ advance at Deir Ezzor in Syria. I have been telling you about this city: several thousand people live there, besieged by bearded jihadists. If the city succumbs, they will perish.

Americans dropped bombs on the positions of the Syrian Arab Army, which is defending the city. Having suffered significant losses, they had to retreat, and their positions had been at once taken by the terrorists. Later the jihadists were rebuffed, but the very fact of the open blows at the government troops, support for the most inadequate beasts and overwhelming hypocrisy of the media are telling…

When you are trying tentatively to find the bottom that Ukrainian or Baltic statesmen and politicians had hit, you do it I vain: their mission control center had long ago put off false shame.

The US, Europe, and Israel have practically formed a bloc with the real and absolutely open terrorism. It is the most convenient enemy for the present-day Western countries, as battling terrorism suits them more than fighting with the army of a real country.

First of all, it produces a vivid and emotional picture, and enables them to mobilize the society in order to use extraordinary security measures consequently.

Secondly, terrorism is not such a big threat for them – well, even if a couple of hundreds men are blown to pieces, the state will not fall apart, and the population will get more obedient.

Thirdly, the present-day systems of communication and tracing allow almost 100 per cent control over terror groups. As soon as they decide to pull off something too radical, they will be eradicated.

Lastly, the terrorists, especially the jihadists, do not lay claims of fulfilling military space projects, introduction of global reserve currency and development of transport infrastructure. Their ideal society can be found in the 7th century. They had only added a machine gun and a smart phone to it.

This is their ideal enemy! That is why you should not wonder why they are trying to add fuel to the fire there, nearby Israel. What if Europe inflames? It all suits them well.



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