Igor Kolomoisky Compared the Situation in Donbass with the Civil War in Spain

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky considers that the situation in Donbass is a “civil conflict”, and not “Russian aggression”. 
He stated this on the program “Nemtsov. Interview” published by DW.

“I would compare it (the conflict in Donbass) most of all with the civil war in Spain. Although if in Spain there was a civil war, then I would call what is happening in Donbass as mutiny inspired by the outside, in this situation – the Russian Federation, which has completely supplied heavy, light, and other weapons … trying to raise this mutiny not only in Donetsk and Lugansk, but also on the territory of other regions,” said Kolomoisky.

At the same time he noted that today it can be called a “civil conflict”.

“Today I can safely call it a civil conflict based only on one characteristic sign, because citizens of Ukraine participate on both sides. Yes, on the one hand it is completely supported by the Russian Federation … On the other hand, it can and would like to finish all of this story … but there are many problems why it can’t do it,” emphasis Kolomoisky.

He has also added that the conflict in Donbass will continue until the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “receives answers to the question what to do with those citizens of Ukraine who supported the DPR/LPR”.

With this statement Igor Kolomoisky for sure has his eyes on the upcoming 2019 Ukrainian elections. It’s no secret that he is mobilising his resources in an attempt to unseat Poroshenko and put his favourite candidate in the Presidential chair, which currently is Yulia Tymoshenko.

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If to summarise what Kolomoisky says in this DW interview, he means that it cannot be legally proved that Russia is involved in the war in Donbass, regardless of any nonsense about an “occupation”. The fact is that the residents of Donbass possess Ukrainian citizenship, and thus on paper it is a “civil war”, although of course Donbass is just one theatre of military operations in the “great game” Russia vs America. If Russia is to be slammed for somehow being involved in the functioning of the DPR and LPR, then America also has to face the same criticism for hijacking Kiev and controlling most of the Ukrainian territory. Anyway, if to call a spade a spade, what is happening in Donbass (and now in all four corners of the country) is simply Russians killing Russians – because the “Ukrainian” identity and Ukrainian “history” is a total invention, and this is the result of Washington’s colour revolution technologies.

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