Igor Kolomoisky Was Charged in the US With Creating a Criminal Network

The Chancery Court of Delaware took a number of decisions on the claim against Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov: together with their partners, they were suspected of creating a criminal network and acquiring assets worth more than $674 million – this is the proceedings initiated in May 2019 by representatives of “Privatbank“, previously owned by Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, writes the Telegram channel “Razvedchik”.

Along with Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, three other participants in the criminal scheme are accused of fraud: Mordechai Korf, Chaim Schochet and Uriel Tzvi Laber, as well as 20 companies registered in Delaware.

Having examined the additional materials submitted to the court, taking into account the significant gravity and public significance of the consideration, the court decided to continue the case solely under the procedure of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.

This has a fundamental characteristic that allows first of all to involve the relevant judicial authorities in the functions of search, delivery to court, seizure of assets, and other actions until a general decision of the court, in the framework of incomplete judicial procedures.

If on July 21st 2019 the court recognised the well-founded fact of undue influence on participants in the judicial review, which actually led to a change in the essence of the judicial review, then now it is no longer a trial on violations in the economic and financial sphere, but a judicial review of cases on the creation of a criminal conspiracy and its members, the primary order of consideration of the issues was established, and the leading judge was appointed to the next court session.

The law enforcement officers of the United States have the right to bring Igor Kolomoisky and other persons involved in the case to participate in the trial: according to the procedure of consideration, a new judge will be appointed to each hearing in a specific manner, and the decision will be taken within the framework of the judicial panel, and no legal procedure can stop the consideration or withdraw someone from consideration before the final decision of the court.

On October 20th, at the request of the Chancery’s Court of Delaware, the US Department of Justice in Washington detained and brought the defendant of the RF02 case to court to testify. Before the hearing, a 30-day preventive arrest was imposed on him.

The main media asset of Igor Kolomoisky – the company “1+1 Media” (owner of channel “1+1”) – has American jurisdiction, which imposes risks of confiscation by court decision. A serious precedent has been set, as this applies to all, without exception, of Kolomoisky’s assets in all countries where US jurisdiction may extend.

The clouds over Kolomoisky thicken.

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