Igor Plisyuk: Our Grandfathers Defeated Fascism Back Then, And We Will Defeat it Again Now!

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



And again — my Hero city has proved: Odessa remembers and reveres the memory of its ancestors who were victorious over Nazism.

… Since the morning there was a never-ending flow of inhabitants of Odessa with portraits of the grandfathers and great-grandfathers – who broke the spine of the many-headed brown reptile and brought freedom not only to our people, but also to the whole of Europe – went to the monument to the Unknown sailor in Shevchenko park across the Walk of Glory.

This flow went through the police cordons and the metal detectors that enclosed the entire perimeter of the memorial.

It went through pickets of fascist thugs provoking our “Immortal Regiment” and fervently scoured for seditious St. George’s Ribbons and Soviet symbols.

And of course, with the full support of the police, which already detained two persons for “ribbons like the one of St. George”.

Thousands of photos of hero-soldiers were carried by successors of the Great Victory, a sea of flowers covers the graves of soldiers and the bottom of the Eternal flame … And thousands of inhabitants of Odessa chant not only “Thanks to grandfather for the victory!”, but also “Donbass, we are with you!”.

Because the unsubdued city understands: while the blood of those who resist the successors of Nazi punishers flows, and while the government of Ukraine “mourns” on May 8th together with the little children of those who were defeated and their lackeys, there won’t be peace nor the celebration of anti-fascism. There will be only creeping fascistization, which already made Banderism, xenophobia, and fratricide the national ideology.

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And among the photos of the winners, the face of the journalist Grigory Kvasnyuk was deservedly present – an uncompromising and desperately courageous fighter against neo-nazism, whose heart stopped nearly a year ago; a real inhabitant of Odessa who by right took his place among the ranks of the fighters against fascism.

And the flow moved like an intensifying tidal wave, through the artificial and ridiculous banners with “European symbols of grief” – red poppies, installed by the authorities on the Walk of Glory; through the pathetic small groups of hired provokers who think they are the masters of a city that isn’t theirs; and through the impudence of still unpunished thugs, in who the fear of the inevitable future punishment can be read.

Well, they have their own nostalgia for the master’s lash and allowances for auxiliary policeman, and we have our holiday of the victory of our grandfathers and the belief that after that victory a new one will inevitably follow, our long-awaited victory and liberation from the occupation of the successors of executioners and punishers.

Our cause is just, victory will be ours!

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