IMF Tightens Its Grip on Russia’s Ally in the Fight Against the West’s War in Libya

Translated by Captain Ahab



Secretary-General of the International Trade Unions Sharan Burrow considered that the IMF payments will bring Tunisia to the edge of a catastrophe, stressing that the IMF is pushing Tunisia to the brink of economic and political disaster by refusing to release the funds required urgently at a time when the country is in great need of international support. 

She added that the International Monetary Fund stopped paying the loan spread over four years estimated at $2.8 billion to Tunisia, which is scheduled to end in May 2020, all this to put pressure on the government to carry out mass expulsions in the public sector, along with the sale of government property and cuts to retirements funds as well.

Furthermore, she stresses that these ideological positions taken up by the International Monetary Fund would push thousands into poverty, and would destroy the progress made by the Tunisians who are determined to further develop their country, and may result in the worsening of the economic crisis and could possibly cause the spread of fundamentalism and increase the risk of terrorist attacks in Tunisia and neighboring countries. 

(Translator’s Note: A former professional in the field of bankrupting nations speaks about the dangers of these toxic debts.)

Terrorism and extremism is already a palpable problem in Tunisia, and given that the country’s education and society is the most secularized in the MENA region may make them an easy target for Jihadists to gain support, the border with Libya is where all the danger lies, notwithstanding local groups of course.

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