“An Important Message to America”: Russia’s Su-57 Arrived in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson



On social networks footage of Russian jets coming to land at the Hmeymim air base in Syria, including two fighters of the fifth generation SU-57 (PAK FA, earlier called T-50), appeared. The material of the Federal News Agency covers this in more detail.

In addition, footage of four SU-37 fighter jets, a long-range radar detection plane A-50U, and a Tu-154 passenger plane at Hmeymim was captured (possibly, transporting technical equipment and aircrew).

At the moment ten prototypes of the SU-57 have been built. This year, as the Deputy Minister of Defence Yury Borisov said, the signing of a contract for the delivery of 12 prototype SU-57, which will undergo army testing in the test centers of the Aerospace forces of the Russian Federation, is expected.

The most complicated situation

The military expert of the “Public Diplomacy” fund and representative of the expert-analytical club “The future today” Sergey Prostakov in comment to FAN noted that modern aviation equipment differs by its large complexity, cost of production, as well as the considerable period of development. In its life cycle the latest SU-57 already reached the stage of full participation in military operations. It is obvious that the arrived planes will still take part in various situations, and the combat possibilities of the new multi-purpose fighter will become clear in the most complicated situation.

“The available data allows to say that the Russian Armed Forces for the next decades will receive the fighter of the fifth generation, which should become the basis of domestic fighting aircraft to replace the SU-27, surpassing foreign analogs in many parameters. The existence of such equipment in Syria speaks about the importance of this region for Russia and all global politics, and that the situation in it remains very intense,” explained Sergey Prostakov.

According to the military expert, the American military strategy is in many respects based on aerial domination, and aircraft remain the basis of the actions of US Army and their allies. The Pentagon has an advantage in this domain due to the infrastructure of military bases built during the year in the Middle East and to the existence of aircraft carrying units.

“It is precisely for this reason that the latest surface-to-air missile systems were deployed to defend the Russian military bases. But the radius of their usage is limited, although it’s rather big, therefore, like any air defense system, their power has to be complemented with aircraft.

The SU-57 is a multi-purpose jet, and is also capable of carrying out the most different of tasks. It not only fights against the land targets of what remains of the terrorists, but it also ensures the safety of the Russian contingent from the air. The recent actions of the Americans show that they aren’t going to leave Syria, where they are illegally, and will continue their aggressive actions, including using aviation. Therefore, the emergence of the latest SU-57 in Syria is an important message to the US, demonstrating the gravity of Russia’s intentions in this country and its readiness to protect the safety of the Russian contingent in any available way, and not to take a step back in front of the US’ aggressive attacks,” summarised Sergey Prostakov.

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