In Belarus a Website Similar to Ukraine’s “Mirotvorets” Will Be Created

The National Salvation Front of the Republic of Belarus will create a “National Board of Shame” website, where the personal information of members of election commissions and Belarusian OMON officers who “took part in falsifying the results of the Belarusian presidential election” will be published.

Source: Valery Tsepkalo, the founder of the Front and former presidential contender, in an interview with “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Direct quotw Tsepkalo: “The second is the formation of a National Board of Shame. This is all organised as crowdsourcing. We will include on the Board those members of election commissions who falsified the elections. Their names, families, who they are, if any – passport numbers, and we will demand a ban on entry for them.”

Details: he stressed that participation in falsifying election results is a criminal offence under the laws of Belarus, and the publication of their data can become an opportunity for European Union countries not to issue them visas.

Another project Tsepkalo mentioned is the publication of the information of the special police unit (OMON) who “used violence against protesters”: “there will also be a website, it is still probably closer to ‘Mirotvorets‘.”

Tsepkalo noted that he is already receiving data from some OMON fighters who were involved in the dispersal of demonstrations in Belarus.

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