In Dnepropetrovsk a Library Will Be Named After John McCain

The “Agencies of Development of Dnepr” page on Facebook, citing the website of the “Day” newspaper, reported that the pro-Maidan mayor of Dnepropetrvosk (it was renamed by the Kiev regime into “Dnepr”) Boris Filatov suggested to create in the city the only Ukrainian Library of the Ukrainian Diaspora in the country with nearly 10,000 publications and to name it after the war criminal John McCain – a project Filatov conceived last spring during his visit to America.

The library will consist of books about military topics and the post-war years of the last century: historical, philosophical, and also Ukrainian almanacs that were located in Germany, Brazil, the US, and Canada. Among the rare books there will be copies about the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army – a Nazi collaborationist unit that took part in genocide during WW2.

Now, according to the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, the publications will be shipped to Ukraine, and after this they will be placed on the first floor of the Central City Library. Concerning the background of this project, Filatov stated the following to the “Day” newspaper last week during the opening of a photo exhibition:

In order to implement this project, we had to win a great deal of trust. When I was in the United States of America, I had an agreement with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the US and with the Ukrainian diaspora – primarily the city of Rochester. It was reported that the library collection of the Ukrainian diaspora, as well as some books from the South Bound Brook Library, would be transferred to the communal property of the Dnepr territorial community, and we will have a library of the Ukrainian Diaspora here

So, it means that the young and aspiring residents of Dnepropetrovsk will be able to take out a book glorifying Nazi military formations from the John McCain Library on land that is owned by the IMF.

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