In Krivoy Rog Nationalists from “Right Sector” Attacked a Ukrainian Opposition Politician

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Krivoy Rog representatives of Right Sector poured Zelenka on the deputy of the regional council from Opposition Bloc Sergey Balandin and poured flour on him. The incident occurred on July 14th at the former office of the Communist Party. The radicals reported about this on their Facebook page.

According to eyewitnesses, the former communist and now “Opposition Bloc” member was doused in Zelenka and sprinkled with flour.

“Subsequently, ‘Right Sector’ members called the police and forced them to write a protocol and to take statements from the attendees of this ‘sabbath’,” noted the nationalists.

Also, the activists poured paint on the window of the former office of the Communist Party, where at this time a meeting of pensioners and residents of the region was taking place, reported the Krivoy Rog website “Pervy Gorodskoye”.

The representatives of “Right Sector” claim that they came to the walls of the public organisation where pensioners gathered because of information about communist symbols regularly appearing here.

The activists wanted to stop propagation of the values of the Soviet Union.

Balandin didn’t comment on the incident.

Patrolmen, employees of the Metallurgichesky police department, and also law enforcement bodies from the Krivoy Rog police station came to the scene. Law enforcement bodies are trying to find out all the details as well as the motives of the parties.

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