In Lvov an Exhibition in Honor of the Anniversary of the SS “Galicia” Division Was Opened

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Lvov near the monument to Vyacheslav Chornovol [a useful idiot of the West who helped push Ukraine towards “independence” – ed] an exhibition featuring the weapons and uniforms of the notorious SS Galicia division was opened. 
This was reported by the local “Gal-info” publication.

The event was devoted to the 73rd anniversary of the creation of the SS Galicia division.

The publication notes that during 1943-1945 as a part of troops of the Waffen-SS of Germany there was a division – the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician). Ukrainians of Greco-catholic religion were a part of its ranks.

Since April 19th, 1945, the re-structured division received a new status and a new name – the 1st division of the Ukrainian National Army.

The Ukrainian Officers of the Waffen SS “Galicia” Division

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