In Lvov Local Banderists Attacked Women and the Elderly Protesting Against Social Genocide

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On September 14th, a picket against social genocide took place in a public garden near the Lvov Regional State Administration. Three dozen people of retirement age came to the picket who – oh, what a crime! – were seen [by local Banderists – ed] during the holiday on May 9th. In their speeches, they spoke in support of reducing gas prices, refusing IMF loans, and increasing salaries and pensions. I.e., on socio-economic issues, however, had they had the criminal “impudence” to criticise the international policy of Ukraine too. So-called Lvov activists and young meatheads from National Corpus approached the picketers.

They said that allegedly this rally was paid for, so that’s why they came out to defend Lvov against the encroachments of pro-Russian agents and threw tomatoes at women and the elderly. As always – with the full connivance of the police, which indifferently watched on.

Besides this – where did you see Nazism in Ukraine?

Inna Ivanochko: “Here I shared what happened after the rally against the increase in gas tariffs ….. as it turned out, the local ‘patriots’ are satisfied with increased tariffs and the reforms that are carried out by the ‘authorities’ and the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

…. …. during a ‘peaceful conversation’ with them, I didn’t hear any counter-arguments besides that they label everyone ‘agents of the Kremlin’.”

Woman with red hair and a stick: “You do this from behind the tree, like a criminal. You hide yourself, you do it on the sly. You are a beast. They do want to work, but just walk around, just waiting for handouts … Are you Ukrainian? You don’t love your Ukraine. You are a beast.”

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