In Lvov Radicals with Flares Broke into a Media Agency and Threatened Its Editorial Office

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Lvov on December 21st hundreds of picketers with smoke grenades tried to rush into the editorial office of “” [a website that focuses on events in Western Ukraine – ed]. The website itself reported that the doors of the building were attacked by members of several known inter-connected public groups. Articles about abuses in the allocation of land to ATO participants became the reason for the picket and the attempt to occupy the editorial office.

About 100 participants from the “Societal Development”, National Corpus, and “Ukrainian Union of ATO Participants” devoted a protest action to the 5th anniversary of Euromaidan. However, during the meeting that intended to picket the prosecutor’s office of the Lvov region, the main police office, and the Lvov regional state administration. Later the protesters unexpectedly moved to the building where the editorial office of and also “Channel 24”, “Radio Lyuks”, and other media is located. Participants of the action were accompanied by the police, but this did not interfere with or prevent their actions.

The picketers chanted “Shame!” and demanded an apology for the articles published by the website concerning “Societal Development”. “They either come out or we bring them out together with everything. We wanted to communicate for this literary trash. Firstly – an explanation, secondly – an official apology in front of all activists of Societal Development, said the chairman of “Societal Development” Nazar Bai during the action. In general, the entire action lasted about 15 minutes, then its participants dispersed.

Among the participants of the picket there were also persons mentioned in recent articles published on ZAXID.NET concerning attempts to occupy public lands under the guise of free distribution to participants of the ATO.

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