In Ternopol the Monument to the Victims of the Holocaust Was Set on Fire in the Middle of the Night

Translated by Ollie Richardson


At night in Ternopol unknown persons once again profaned the monument to the victims of the Holocaust. This was reported by
ZIK” on Friday, April 27th.

A surveillance camera recorded the moment the crime was committed. In the video it is seen how the silhouette of a person in the dark runs and throws a burning object towards the monument.

The police reported that they are investigating the circumstances of the incident and are searching for the malefactor.

It is noted that the monument was put under observation in connection with the regular acts of vandalism.

“The authorities of Ternopol stated that the malefactors enlisted by Russia are engaged in damaging the memorial,” wrote the publication, although no proof of this can be seen in the video.

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