In the European Parliament the “Nazi and Communist Regimes” Were Equated to Each Other

In Strasbourg on September 19th European Parliament deputies adopted a resolution at a regular session on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe, reports the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

Despite its promising title, the entire essence of the document comes down to the fact that a key event of World War II was the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, therefore the Nazi regime of Germany and the Communist regime of the USSR can be equated to each other and considered as the reason for the outbreak of war across the whole of Europe.

“I was one of the 66 deputies who voted against this resolution, 52 more deputies abstained, and 535 supported the document,” said the Euro-deputy from Latvia and the ‘Latvian Russian Union’ party leader Tatiyana Zhdanok. “I addressed parliament, having urged to vote against this resolution in general despite the fact that I support some of its paragraphs and I consider maintaining historical memory a fundamental issue. But I am against the very approach of putting an equals sign between the Nazi and Communist regime. There can only be one devil! And the absolute evil is the Nazi ideology!

I am against the simplification of the history of World War II shown in this resolution. Where is Munich? (The agreement between Germany, Great Britain, France, and Italy signed on the night of September 30th 1938 according to which Czechoslovakia within 10 days had to cede to Germany the Sudetes region. However, on October 1st 1938, without waiting for the implementation of the Munich agreement, Hitler’s men intruded in Czechoslovakia and occupied the Sudetes. And on October 2nd Poland chopped the Ceszynski region off Czechoslovakia) It is forgotten! Where are the bilateral agreements concluded long before August 23rd 1939? They too are forgotten? Let’s be honest with ourselves at least!”

It is possible to call for honesty, of course. But the former Russian mayor of Riga Nils Ušakovs, who nowadays is also a Euro-deputy and the leader of the allegedly pro-Kremlin party “Saskaņa”, voted for this resolution. This is not surprising. Nils Ušakovs handed over Russian-speaking residents of Latvia already earlier, without at all fighting against the elimination of education in the Russian language in the country.

Karen Markaryan

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