In Tver the Fake “Katyn” Plaques Were Removed

In Tver, fake plaques about the fictional shooting of Poles were removed from the former building of the local NKVD.

The self-righteous public [liberals – ed] is indignant. Quote:

“In Tver, memorial plaques in memory of the 6,000 Polish prisoners of war who were shot in 1940 were removed from the Medical Academy building, which used to house the NKVD department. This was reported by the representative of the initiative group ‘Komandy V’ Artem Zazhenkov.

On one of the plaques it was written: ‘In memory of Poles from Ostashkov camp who were killed by the NKVD in Kalinin for the sake of warning the world’, and on the other: ‘In memory of the tortured. In the 1930s-1950s there was the NKVD-MGB Department for the Kalininsky Region and its internal prison’. They were removed from the facade of the building in accordance with the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Central District of the city.

The submission of the Prosecutor’s Office was made in October 2019. It says that the memorial plaques were installed illegally because analysis of archival documents did not confirm the shooting of Polish prisoners of war in the NKVD building.”

The Tver Prosecutor’s Office, despite the screams of various filth about the “horrors of the NKVD”, achieved their goal.

Someday it will be removed in Katyn too, and “Memorial” will be banned on the territory of Russia. In these matters, I am an optimist.

Colonel Cassad

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