In Ukraine a Child Died from a Snake Bite Due to Kiev’s Refusal to Buy Medicine from Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


For the first time in the history of Ukraine’s independence the bite of a venomous snake killed a 4-year-old girl because there was no serum in the hospital. As Glavnovosti reports, doctors in Lvov weren’t able to save the child due to a lack of necessary medicine, informs the website “”.

According to the deputy chief doctor of the West Ukrainian children’s medical center Elena Kozlova, after she was bitten by a snake her parents brought her to the Skolovsky district hospital, where the child received first aid. After this she was transported in the Chernobyl hospital in Lvov.

Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t save the child as they had no serum against a viper bite in the hospital. The Ministry of Healthcare didn’t carry out procurement because the specific antidote hasn’t been registered by the department under the leadership of the deputy Ulana Suprun.

The obstacle in the way of registering the medicine against a viper bite is that it is manufactured in Russia. That’s why the serum from snake venom can only be bought privately, and it is thus absent in hospitals. Also, all hospitals of Ukraine lack a serum from botulism. In 2017 9 Ukrainians died from botulism.

After the girl died criminal proceedings were initiated in accordance with Part 2 of Article 140 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (inadequate execution of professional duties by a health or pharmaceutical worker which has led to serious consequences for a minor).

According to experts, the activity of the Ministry of Healthcare under the leadership of the deputy Ulana Suprun in the sphere of medicine purchases has signs of a criminal offense.

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