In Ukraine a Video Game Was Developed That Allows the Player to Be a Guard in Auschwitz

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Polish prosecutor’s office has launched a criminal investigation into a computer game about Auschwitz in which the player can choose the role of a supervisor of prisoners of an extermination camp. As Rzeczpospolita reported, the investigation was started at the request of the Institute of National Memory of Poland.

In particular, such games promote fascism and are an insult to the Polish people, notes the publication.

It is regrettable that a game has been developed in Ukraine, which during the days of the Great Patriotic War was one of territories that was affected the most by fascist occupation, including by sending Ukrainians to the extermination camps created by the Nazis on the territory of Eastern Europe.

The authors of the game “The cost of freedom — a game about polish death camps”  from the Ukrainian Aliens Games studio implemented in its gameplay the opportunity to participate on the side of both the prisoners of the camp and the SS members who kill these prisoners. The Polish publication notes that one of the creators of the game is the inhabitant of Odessa Dmitry Dybin.

According to the co-chairman of the Opposition Bloc faction Aleksandr Vilkul, people who learned about this game’s existence wrote to him.

“People are outraged by the policy of rewriting history has eventually led to. All central websites have already written that in Poland there is another scandal about this — Ukraine is accused of all sins again,” noted Vilkul.

“History games lead not only to the emergence of such horrible computer games. I spoke against and oppose falsifications, because switching the places of good and evil, first of all, sows chaos in the heads of the youth. It is impossible – just for the sake of the political environment of a group of people who seized power – to forget about the colossal number of casualties that our people and all of Europe suffered in the fight against fascism,” said the politician.

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