In Vilnius the Russian “Non-Systemic Opposition” Buried Putin

They’ve even compiled lists of people who will be lustrated

In November the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, became a platform where the non-systemic Russian opposition gathered for another conference, calling it the “Free Russia Forum”. The event was held using American and British money, organised by Gary Kasparov, now living in the United States. Since 2013 he has been hammering together Russian emigrants from among those “upcoming and offended by the regime”. The Lithuanian press with paphos noted: “In the same group as Kasparov today stand the best people of Russia, the most known politicians and public figures, international experts, bloggers, and representatives of the cultural environment: Lev Ponomarev, Andrey Illarionov, Igor Chubais, Oleg Sentsov, Evgeny Kiselev, Marat Gelman, Evgeniya Chirikova, and others.”

However, this is the rapture of the semi-official press; non-systemic publications [in Lithuania – ed] and Lithuanian people in their mass do not approve of holding such shows in the country – they smell interference in the internal affairs of another state. Even at the level of the Lithuanian Parliament, statements were made about the undesirable holding of such events, which are accompanied by ritual statements such as “one more blow, and the Kremlin anti-Russian regime will collapse”.

“The oppositionists are not capable either of individual or collective work. They are outside the mainstream of the main opposing each other geostrategic interests. They are not moral examples for the majority of the Russian culture’s people. Their disaster is in this, and it is also in this good for the country that they go at war against,” said Lithuanian historian Valery Ivanov (pictured below).

He’s not alone in his assessment. “You act like an enemy to your motherland if you do not know how to rejoice in its achievements. In addition, I have come across a lot of quotes from the opposition, where they literally wish for the collapse of their country and call their people cattle. Estonian intellectuals, no matter how they look at what is happening, never call their people that,” says political scientist Eduard Tinn (pictured below) of Tallinn, stressing that the Russian opposition today is extremely unpatriotic.

However, the “revolutionaries” do not get embarrassed. They play worn-out records, reproaching the collective West for idleness, excessive liberalism, a misunderstanding of the Russian reality. The “Kasparovites” themselves, claiming to be experts, look at themselves as a transnational elite. They see several specific principalities in the place of the future Russia. They are even more angry about any talk that Russia and the Russians have a decent, prosperous future. From the rostrum in Vilnius it was directly said: for Russia there is only one scenario – disintegration and division between civilised countries. And without fail, the Hague Tribunal for those who rule Russia today!

Leonid Kalashnikov (pictured above), Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration, and Relations with Compatriots (faction of the Communist Party of Russia) in a brief comment noted: “Enemies of Russia, the same opposition as former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who was called ‘Misha 2%’, were dragged away from the feeding trough. But they really want to go back to it!”

Russian diplomats working in Vilnius stated in an Embassy press release:… “the participation of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the organisation of meetings of non-systemic oppositionists discredits Lithuania’s diplomacy and is open interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation.”

This is indeed about interference, and it’s a pity that all the reaction to this came down to a press release from embassy officials. At such meetings plans are made for provocative-subversive activities, a change of power in Russia by force, the collapse of the country…

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“The Lithuanian authorities brazenly, and an alternative word cannot be used here, interfere in the internal affairs of Russia, meetings of representatives of the so-called non-systemic opposition are held, and ‘political immigrants’ are entrenched here, instructing them in no less than the methods of changing the system in the Russian Federation,” said the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Lithuania Aleksandr Udaltsov. “Discussions on the principles of Russian statehood – can modern Russia be considered an empire? An external blow like the beginning of a Russian revolution. Can the Ukrainian experience of fighting the regime help the Russians? Who is to blame and what to do with the prospect of the possible integration of Russia and Belarus [these figures are strong opponents of the deep integration of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus – A.I.]? A new Munich: Did Putin’s bet on the fatigue of the collective West play off?” And so on.

And the main enemy of the opposition is Vladimir Putin. In order to dismantle his anti-Russian regime, they said in Vilnius, revolutionary changes are needed, but there are no resources to carry out a Russian Maidan, there is no proper determination. There are no internal opportunities to set tyres on fire on Red Square and none are foreseen in the near future. Nevertheless, Putin, according to the “Free Russia Forum”, needs to suffer a serious geopolitical defeat, which, together with internal problems at home – socio-economic, infrastructure, will shake the regime.

Here’s the way political pawn Gary Kasparov tries to become a political queen:… “there still has to be a serious blow from outside. The system is built so that it is almost impossible to dismantle it from the inside without pressure from the outside”. This is the strategic position of the Russian opposition formulated in Vilnius in the new electoral cycle of 2021-2024. It was announced by Ivan Tytrin, a former associate of the late Boris Nemtsov.

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And the order of action is proposed as follows: “Let us organise civil society from below, which will grow slowly and at some point will ripen”. In short, the work of the non-systemic Russian opposition has no end.

At the beginning of the article I noted that the ordinary citizens of Lithuania are not enthusiastic about carrying out such strange events in the country as rallies of the Russian opposition. We will listen to how the voice of the people sounds: “The ‘Free Russia Forum’ resembles a get-together of men in a garage. They are not so much men though: one is a drunkard, one was abandoned by his wife, one has never worked, and one lives with his mother and constantly begs for money. Here they will gather. They’ll get a bottle of spirit, a simple snack, and discuss the world’s problems.

Both Trump and Putin will be discussed, Europe will not be left without attention, and they will separately speak about Merkel and Macron. And the more drunk they are, the hotter the conversations. In the end one will jump up, unbutton the collar of his shirt, and say:

‘What a mess is going on! It’s time to make order!’

We can observe the same picture with the forum. The constant participants are Babchenko, Muzhabayev, Mariya Alekhina (Pussy Riot), Oleg Sentsov. And also the outstanding philosopher of our time Bozhena Rynski-Kuritsyna. In Ukraine it is said that Russians envy Ukrainians, but it’s not clear why millions of Ukrainians come to Russia, and not the other way around!”

And the final quote: “They seriously discussed how they will equip Russia after the bloody regime collapses. They even made lists of people they would lustrate. They will sort out their life, run from one country to another, and throw mud at their motherland. Do they think they’re being treated well in the West? They [the West – ed] see perfectly well what they are. Time will pass, and they will not even be needed by the West.”

Anatoly Ivanov

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