In Zaporozhye a Lenin Monument Was Turned Into a Poroshenko Memorial

The monument in honour of the former president of Ukraine and nowadays deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Petro Poroshenko was established in Zaporozhye. Photos of the sculpture were published by the user of Facebook Mihail Shnayder.

“Somebody know what this diagnosis is called?” it is said in the caption to the picture.

In the comments beneath the photos users noted that the monument is similar to Joseph Kobzon or to Gennady Khazanov.

According to “Obozrevatel”, initially it was a “decommunised” monument to Vladimir Lenin. The sculpture tried to give a resemblance to Poroshenko – a painted black suit with the coat of arms of Ukraine and a remade face.

This Zaporozhye attraction can be seen at the recreation center “SKIF” in the area of “Volna” opposite the island of Khortytsya.

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