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NEW – September 10, 2022

This war (NATO-Russia) did NOT start IN UKRAINE and it will NOT end IN UKRAINE, and when it ends outside Ukraine, what is going in Ukraine will be solved (the Anglo-Saxons will tell their puppet Zeliboba to hand over the ruin [Ukraine – SZ] and sign the contract, and what will be in the contract – we will negotiate with the US and not with Zeliboba).

We, or rather Putin, are playing GEOPOLITICS – in G E O P O L I T I C S (and not in a military campaign in Ukraine).

Ukraine is not something that is a chessboard, it is one square on the chessboard. now the future world is changing and looming for the next 60-80 years.

Balakleya, Kherson all this informational NONSENSE… We are playing big, and very big at that. If there is a task to bankrupt Europe and destroy its industry in order to subdue it later, then THIS operation is much more important than Kherson or Kharkov, because this is a game of civilisations (where the strong players are Russia, Europe, USA, China, London, India).

And the fact that the counteroffensive near Kharkov… well, yes, we retreated a little, well, we will grind these 50,000 [Ukrainian troops – SZ] in a month or two and that’s it. The ruin [Ukraine – SZ] is dead, a big nothing.

The most important thing now is changing consciousness. You understand that CONSCIOUSNESS is CHANGING now, a switch is clicking in your head, a toggle switch. Among the population. No, not among the population of Russia. The population of the WHOLE WORLD. Do you understand what this means? And why the Anglo-Saxons are screaming and going crazy?

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Because Russia is now publicly lowering the Anglo-Saxons to it’s knees. It does this through disobedience and OPEN DEFIANCE. AND IT WINS. Not against Ukraine. It wins against America both politically and economically and ideologically. How can this be seen? This can be seen from the reaction of other countries and, above all, the BRICS countries and non-NATO countries. And other countries, including medium-sized and small ones, see and feel it. They are already reaching out to us. they are already beginning to ask the USA and Europe such questions that they could not have thought of a year or two ago (for example, about enough to feed America and Europe, enough to let themselves be robbed, etc.), and right now these dozens of countries offended by the West are already preparing their claws and teeth to seize hold of the hegemon who is fed up with EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH.

Even the same Europeans will eventually devour the Americans and London, because in the end they will blame them and not us that Europe has become poor, cold and begging for Russia (we will snatch our piece from Europe, this is unequivocal). That’s all, meanwhile you are obsessed with Balakleya, blitzkrieg, introducing a million-strong army, etc.

What Putin is doing now will be in the history textbooks AND NOT ONLY OF OUR COUNTRY, BUT OF MANY COUNTRIES. And believe me about Balakleya, no matter how it turned out in the battle, there won’t be a word in the textbooks. It will be about how the world has changed and a new ERA has come
The era of a multipolar just world. The era of equality (to some extent). The era of the triumph of international law (because we will have to negotiate and not achieve everything by force like the West) and the era of the liberation of the world from Anglo-Saxon oppression, slavery and terrorism.

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When in 50 years your children and grandchildren will learn history, the countdown of their era will go from February 24, 2022, when Russia declared the end of the hegemony of the USA…


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