What Inspired Ukrainian Nationalist Larisa Nitsoy to Accuse Jews of Organising Holodomor in Ukraine?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The children’s writer from Lvov Larisa Nitsoy accused Jews in the organization of Holodomor, and then also of Babi Yar. The video with Nitsoy’s statements made on the air on the ZiK TV channel devoted to the language question was released by the participant of the program, the director of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky in Facebook.

The participants of the program were divided into advocates and opponents of the policy of Ukrainization of television. The author of books for children, the Lvov resident Larisa Nitsoy, who is known for her demands to sellers of distribution network to speak to her in Ukrainian, fell into the group of advocates of Ukrainization. Also in the camp of advocates of Ukrainization were the writer Aleksandr Lirnik and the former People’s Deputy Oles Dony.

Their opponents were politicians Evgeny Chervonenko and Hanna Herman, and also the director of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky. During the programme Herman left the studio, stating that “it not the level of discussion”.

“We here in Ukraine build the Ukrainian Ukraine, we create the Ukrainian nation and, please, don’t get in our way with your lists,” said Nitsoy during a discussion with Chervonenko and Dolinsky.

“And I am not the same Ukrainian as you?” asked Chervonenko. “No, no,” answered Nitsoy.

During the discussion Lirnik, supporting Ukrainization, stated that now he, as a Ukrainian speaker, finds himself in a “ghetto” because has no access to Ukrainian television, because “everything belongs to you, Russians”.

In turn Dony stated: “Reproaches that are brought to us, we can’t correct them at all. Here we are reproached for the fact that we aren’t Jews”.

“At first they organized Holodomor for us, and now they will bring us to Babi Yar!” exclaimed Nitsoy.

Comment of Miroslava Berdnik about Nitsoy’s statement:

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One guess – what is the source of the inspiration of Nitsoy, who said that “the perpetrators of Holodomor of the Ukrainian people were Jews?”


Nazi sources!

The author of the term “Holodomor” James Mace in reality didn’t even hide that in his work he used fascist propaganda materials: He wrote:

“Obviously, it is Italy who has the best information at its disposal, which had a Consulate in the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. These documents with the notes of the famous blue pencil of Benito Mussolini, were found by representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Rome, and our Commission published some of them in English in our ‘Report to Congress’ 1988.” (Day and Eternity of James Mace/ Edited by L. Ivshyna: Ukrainian press group, 2005, p. 60.).

In the report of the Italian Consul in Kharkov Sergio Gradenigo no. 74/106 of May 31, 1933, entitled “The Famine and the Ukrainian Question”, stated: “The famine continues to take a heavy toll of human lives on such an enormous scale that it is absolutely unclear how the world can remain indifferent to this catastrophe and how the international press, which so willingly and urgently calls for international condemnation of Germany for the so-called ‘cruel persecution of Jews’, can calmly observe the mass murder that was organized by the Soviet government and in which Jews played such an important, though not a leading, role. Because there is no single doubt that: 1) this famine is artificial and specially created in order to ‘teach the peasants’; 2) among the victims of the famine there is not a single Jew, on the contrary, they are fed, living under the fraternal wing of the GPU.”

Later, in this report, Mr Consul points to the reason why the Moscow leadership is committing mass murder of the Ukrainian population. “‘Ethnographic material must be altered’ – cynically stated one Jew who occupies a high position in the local GPU. It is easy to foresee what fate awaits this “ethnographic material” – it is doomed to destruction and being replaced by another one. This policy is dictated by necessity or expediency, almost openly proclaimed, of the denationalization of territories where Ukrainian or German identity awoke, which may result in political difficulties in the future, and where for the sake of the unity of the Empire would have been better to have a mostly Russian-speaking population”.

At the end of the report the Consul Gradenigo concludes: “…the consequence of the current catastrophe in Ukraine will be Russian colonization of this country, which will change its ethnographic character. In the future, and probably the very near future, nobody will speak about Ukraine or the Ukrainian people, and, consequently, about the Ukrainian problem, because Ukraine will become a de facto territory with a predominantly Russian population.”

Yes, in his report Sergio Gradenigo states – how many millions of Ukrainians were starved by Russians and Jews: in the report No. 546/71 from 22.06.33, the figure of 15-16 million is stated; in the report No. 907/116 1.10.33 – 18 million people is stated; in the report from 1.01.34 the figure of 11.5 million is given.

And today the nonsense of the representatives of fascist States, which used the Ukrainian famine in its geopolitical games, is taught in Ukrainian schools and broadcasted on the TV screens by became-mad-because-of-inferiority-complex representative of the “cultured elite of the nation”.

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