Instead of NATO Membership, Moldova and Georgia Will Receive an Alliance with Banderist Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The new military alliance between Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova is going to “repel Russian aggression”…

The head of the Ukrainian parliament Andriy Parubiy declared his plans for the creation of an international military brigade including Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova. This decision became a continuation of the declaration on regional security that was signed earlier by Kiev, Chișinău, and Tbilisi. Instead of membership in NATO, simulacrum is being palmed off on Ukrainians – a military alliance with Moldavians and Georgians. At the beginning of March the Chișinău conference “Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: Eastern Partnership and Current Security Challenges” took place. It is possible to say that the foundation of a pro-NATO anti-Russian military alliance was laid. “We need a joint strategy to repel Russian aggression,” stated Andriy Parubiy.

The pulling together of a Banderist kernel of Moldavians and Georgians is reminiscent of an attempt to revive using NATO forces the surviving remnants of the SS “Galicia” division in an international format.

It will begin with the creation of a Ukrainian Moldavian-Georgian brigade – based on the existing LITPOLUKRBRIG. On March 6th, 2018, in Ukraine the widely advertised exercises with the participation of Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine started. For the first time the militaries of three countries, including all HQ staff of the Ukrainian Air Assault battalion (former ATO soldiers), will participate in command-staff exercises, writes the Latvian “Riga.Rosvesty” news website.

“Riga.Rosvesty” recalls that on March 26th, 2015, the parliament of Lithuania unanimously ratified the agreement between three countries: Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine concerning the establishment of a joint military brigade that will be used in operations under the auspices of the UN and the European Union. The new unit was called LITPOLUKRBRIG. And recently in Lvov the first training mission started, which will last one month. The brigade received a task to carry out the preparation of HQ staff of one of the regular Air Assault battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine according to NATO standards.

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In the second half of the year the alliance will stage the annual Rapid Trident 2018 drills on the territory of Ukraine, in which more than 2000 Ukrainian soldiers will participate, as well as soldiers and officers from ten NATO member States and member countries of the Partnership for Peace program.

“Riga.Rosvesty” notes that in January, 2018, in Ukraine a law entered into force that allows the admission of units of the Armed Forces of other States, including the US, on the territory of Ukraine to participate in multinational exercises. Although nothing earlier prevented foreigners from staging military exercises together with the UAF at the same Yavorov training ground. Now, by all accounts, they will become more large-scale.

On the eve of the arrival to Ukraine of the Lithuanian and Polish military contingents on the streets of Lvov, Ukrainian nationalists staged a march with red-black Banderist flags. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland this march was already called “base ingratitude” for the help that Warsaw gives to Kiev. But such is the Ukrainian authorities: Kiev doesn’t remember the good, and neighbors are written down as “enemies”, which, according to the rules of Ukrainian nationalist, must be hated and “recklessly fought against”.

For Bandera’s descendants Russians, Magyars, Poles, Belarusians, and Jews are enemies by definition. And concerning Lithuanians, Moldavians, and Georgians – they will be next. Life showed that Banderists are able to exact revenge and have hatred, but don’t know how to be friends. Palming off a military alliance with Georgia and Moldova on Ukraine, NATO probably badly studied the mentality of Banderists – they can distinguish themselves only by the brutal punishing of civilians. To model a new version of the SS “Galicia” on an international scale with the participation of Georgian and Moldavians is an absolutely failed venture. It is strange that Chișinău and Tbilisi don’t understand that they are offered a shameful union with Banderists instead of NATO membership.

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