Instruction Booklet for Liberal Russian Commentators About Events in the US

You have clearly noticed many times that in any article about rallies we immediately have commentators of a “liberal” nature saying that the police in the US are the radiant guardians of the rights of protesters and do not have coffee for them. “Not what we have.”

I will not recount the events in the United States and the behaviour of the police there (even the introduction of special provocations has been noticed). So, while the State Department is slacking and does not send instruction booklets for the “correct” coverage of these events, regular reader Evgeny Karpov suggested it (and I only edited a minute quantity). Liberal commentators, don’t thank me.

1. You don’t understand, this is DIFFERENT!

2. Haven’t seen it. (How convenient)

3. You better look at Russia, do we have few problems?

4. The problem is inflated by Kremlin bots!

5. In reality, it’s not like this, you have to watch the full video, it’s a tragic accident!

6. Author, how much did you sell yourself for? 2500?

7. The author is a Kremlin bot.

8. The author is a fool, because… but Navalny is a good man, he should be president!

9. Article was paid for, author is a friend of Prigozhin.

10. What, the author, realised that it is impossible to attack the government, switched to ‘and in America negroes are lynched’?

11. Nonsense. You have nothing else to write about? I will ban you and unsubscribe from you (there are still all sorts of letters, sometimes accidentally formed into words).

12. But there they are not slaves and immediately rebel against the authorities.

13. I will get read up on it!

14. On Sunday, Putin looked out the window, Trump was fighting social media, and all of this clearly points to the real orderer of the crime!

15. This is a conspiracy of Kremlin agents. Putin is to blame.

16. This is not a peaceful rally, but mass riots – don’t you see a difference?

17. Is it really necessary to gloat over this?

18. In our country there has been a need to be the same for already a long time, but it would be better to help and thereby seize the influence on the protest, and lead! A flame will ignite from a spark!!

19. Haha, moskals, soon Putin will do the same to you hahahaha!

This is for commentators who portray a presence of mind:

20. Let’s turn off emotions and turn on the brain. This article is not for torturing people with unnecessary facts. A good approach – instead of information, it’s limited to hints, then it is impossible to reproach manipulation. In your article everything is mixed and distorted, i.e., I will repeat that it is complete propaganda. The society was once again given a brilliant wrapper with an empty deception inside, the only essence of which is only to praise the policy of the incumbent president and to scare by America. Our society is completely disoriented and divided, the ‘captain’ sends vague signals and the wind blows in an unknown direction. The author is helpless.

21. We need to moderate aggression, stop inventing non-existent enemies, including internal ones, learn to find agreement with each other and with the outside world, start thinking rather than believing in myths, develop and look to the future, rather than engage in emotional excitation at the expense of other people’s ills that have nothing to do with us, we have no right to interfere in the life of another state.

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